My skin routine.


After like 26 years of never caring for my skin I though I may start with it. 

My entire life I have slept with make up and removed it with soap and water (okay, not maybe the soap and water the last couple of years). So I have started a whole new routine now. 

  • I start with taking of my make up with either coconut oil or a oil based make up remover. 
  • Then, I wash my face with a gel-cream face wash with extracts of Rose and Jasmine flower (the one on the picture)
  • After I have washed my face I put on a 1 min face mask (Daily essentials 1 min Urban detox mask). This mask makes you skin so smooth! Or I make my own home made mask. 
  • when I have washed the mask off I use the refreshing toner on the picture. 
  • After my face is dry, I put "slap" on my moisturizing cream. haha! What I mean with slap, it like dab ;) This give the skin time to absorb the moisturizing cream :)

And there it is! And yeah, I don't wipe my face clean with the towel, I dab here too. 

I hope you liked it. How do you take care of your skin? Do you have any tips? 

My teeth


Tjenare allesammans!

Gud vad jag ser arg ut på denna bild. haha! Men jag känner mig verkligen inte bekväm med mina tänder längre. Jag tycker själv att jag är som snyggast med ett stort leende, men nu när mina tänder är påväg tillbaka till deras ursprungliga plats så känner jag mig mindre och mindre bekväm att le med dom. Kanske det är dags att sätta in en tandställning igen? 

Men det är sååååå dyrt! (gråter) Snälla, kan man inte bara göra det billigare med tandställning?

Hello peeps!

Damn, I look angry at this picture. haha! I just don't feel comfortable with my teeth anymore. I usually think I look best with a big ass smile, but as my teeth move back to there original places I feel less and less comfortable with showing them. Maybe it's time to put a braces on? ;)

It just sooo expensive! (crying). Please, can we not just make it cheaper with braces. 

What is going on?


Hejsan alla fina! Jag ska försöka att skriva mer på svenska här. Men många gånger skriver jag ganska mycket och då orkar jag verkligen inte att skriva det två gånger. Men när jag skriver lite kortare inlägg ska jag försöka att skriva på svenska.

Hela veckan har jag fått veta av alla från Sverige hur varmt det är. Det är liksom 26 grader hemma i norr. Medan vi här i södra Spanien, liksom 14 km till Afrika bara har 20 grader och ganska kalla vindar. Vad är det som händer?

Samma sak i London, 22 grader och strålande sol. Jag flyttade till värmen men verkar missa den totalt, nu får det banne mig gå tillbaka som det ska vara. Varmt i Spanien och kallt i mina gamla städer!

Hoppas att ni hemma i Sverige och London njuter nu!

Hi beautiful people!

The whole week I have been told how hot it is in Sweden right now! It’s like 26 degrees up in the north of Sweden. But here in the South of Spain, which is only 14 km from Africa we only have like 20 degrees with chilli wind. What is going on?

The same thing in London, 22 degrees and the sun is out. I moved here for the weather, but it seems like I totally failed on that front. This definitely needs to get back to normal! Hot in Spain and cold in my old cities!

I hope all of you in Sweden and London enjoys the weather now!

A day of reflections.


Today I had a chill day. A day of reflection and thought. Where am I at? What should I do next?  What is important in life? I definitely know what I don't want and this is what I am fighting for. 

Every day should be a day of happiness and energy. I need to let go of things that do not benefit me. This is a month of action. Things will change, but I am the only one that can make that change happen. So let's make it happen.

I hope you are happy wherever you are. 

(almost) No jackets!


My beloved Malin! Look how pretty she is! You can find her on Insta by klicking here. 


We spent day two in Cadiz. The weather was lovely (even if we sometimes needed to use a light jacket). We walked around showing Malin the European Havanna. And of course, took a bunch of pictures. 


I may have said this before, but I like to tell facts to people so I will write this again: Cádiz, regarded by many as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe, with archaeological remains dating to 3100 years. 


Vi had some tapas in the best place EVER! I am pretty sure the Place is called 'Ramecar 99 SL'. Unsexy name, but you will find amazing food here!


We found this waterfall place, which I have never seen before. 
You could also walk underneath. Like a little waterfall cave. 

Found this place in Parque Genoves.


Very nice and chill day. We definitely needed a chill day for the days to come. I am seriously ill after this week! haha 

Sun, alcohol, little sleep and TONS of tapas :P

The day Malin arrived.


I have not been able to update here as I have had a very treasured guest over. Malin came on Thursday night. My plan was that I was going to pick her up at the airport. I had booked a blablacar from Algeciras. 

First, the bus to Algeciras (Algeciras  is a town which is about 30 min away by bus) was late. I was going to meet my blablacar there as they were arriving with the ferry from Marocco. 

In my mind, my blablacar was 2 young French guys (he asked if I spoke French) that have been for a road trip in Marocco. Funny how the mind making things up. 

Because that was not what I got. haha! This is gonna sound kind of mean, but it's too funny to just skip! 

a big blue car came with one man in his 50/60 (I think)  and his mother and his auntie.  Nobody spoke English. Just French. 

We picked up another woman at the Algeciras ferry port. (oh, and by the way... they were an hour late. They have told me 16:00, which was the reason I booked just this car. then they changed to 15:00... but in the end, we left at 16:00. Which meant that I waisted one-hour waiting.). 

Finally, we were on our way. Sitting in between a nice Spanish lady and the French auntie in the back. I don't think that the French lady cared much about her hygiene because it was really hard for me to get over the smell. 
during the trip the french lady and the Spanish lady tried to communicate about something, using me as their table. literally leaning on me! haha! it was so bizarre! 

Then when I asked if they could drop me off at the airport (Malaga airport it on the way to Malaga.) they said no. its literally a 5 min detour. 
My original plan was to go into Malaga and take the train back to the airport. But because they were driving soo slow, I was super late. 

Sooo... I was sneaky and asked them to drop me off at a shopping mall "on the way". They did not know that it was super close to the airport and kind of dropped me off at the airport. But! Karma hit me back! 

My flatmate said that this shopping mall was really close to the airport so I just took her words for it. I did not think further before stopping there. to When I was there I realized that it was AN HOUR walk! 

It was only later that I was given the information that it was a train going to the airport from the shopping mall. haha! So I walked the entire way to the airport. 

I was a really strange walk. It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere with a few cars driving past. I tried to have a laugh at the situation and pretended that I was Pippi Longstocking singing her song.  I felt like I was on one of her adventures and as it was my biggest dream to be her when I was a child I embraced the situation. 

When I have walked about halfway to the airport I saw a parking place with a shuttle to the airport. I ran up to them and asked if I could ride with them to the airport. I got a big NO. YEY... Now it was only a dangerous highway
left to reach the airport. I am happy I survived. lol.

Finally, I was there to embrace my beautiful Malin how already had gotten herself some cava as she was waiting for me. I was supposed to wait for her! not the opposite! haha 

Then we only had one more blablacar ride to La Linea with a lovely girl called Maria and then Luis came to pick us up later on and we headed to Jerez. 

But man, what a day!