Mediterranean steps

Tjooohooo peeps! I hope you are all good! Today I am in the office with the most horrific pain in my calves! I can barely walk. 


This Wednesday me, Linnea and Magnus walked up the Mediterranean steps.  This is a natural path up to the top of the Gibraltarian rock. 

This is something I would recommend everybody that travels to Gibraltar to do (if you are fit enough, which I am clearly not if you ask my calves). 

The views were amazing and the weather was absolutely beautiful. 
We did this walk just before work so we were in a bit of a hurry. 
But we managed to both walk all the way up and go to the new skywalk. 

I must be honest and say that the skywalk was disappointing. I took one nice picture there (nr 10). but that was it. We paid 5 pounds for 5 min on the skywalk. 

It was just kind of a little balcony. I thought it was build in a way that you would feel a bit scared. Like the glass part in the Tower Bridge in London. 

The glass was not even clear. What a shame. They even invited Mark Hamill, the guy that played Luke Skywalker to open the skywalk. 
He must have been so disappointed too...

Anyway, anything else was amazing. I am looking forward to repeating this walk more times this summer. And it would be amazing to do the walk without the time pressure of getting to work on time. 

A tired day in Cadiz

Feels like ages since I wrote here. Which it kind of true. Just felt a little bit tired of writing this last week as I am writing all day long for work and then the rest of my day due to my project. Non stop here ;)

IMG_8303 copy.jpg

Last Saturday me and Luis picked up JoseLuis to meet Alba in Cadiz. We picked up some food to have lunch at the beach.

We were supposed to play some volleyball there but I was way too tired after the day before. I was celebrating a friends birthday on Friday and took a blablacar 8 am on Saturday morning. 

So I had a siesta at the beach instead, haha. By the way, sweetest people ever driving and riding the blablacar. 

I usually don't talk much when I take a blablacar, but this time everybody was so friendly! two Spanish footballers that play for Gibraltar and a guy from Ceuta. Ceuta is an 18.5-square-kilometre Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa. So next to Marocco. So he gave me some advice for if I would go to Marocco.

Anyway, I was tired for the first part of the day. But in the end (after my sunny siesta) I have the energy to play some paddle in San Fernando. I have never played paddle before, but it was great fun. 

We left San Fernando around 21:00 to go back to Jerez. We went out for a couple of beers with friends, but my tiredness came back and I got a ride home earlier. I was literally falling asleep as I was standing up. 

Sunday we had some kebab before I headed home to La Linea again. Once again with blablacar. And again I was too tired to stay awake. As the car was full my head was tilting towards the poor girl sitting next to me. haha!  Like the third time this happens. haha!

I hope you are all good. I promise I will get better at posting now as my project will be on hold after tomorrow. 





 How pretty? 

How pretty? 

Yesterday me and my flatmate Linnea went around in Gibraltar to find a gym. We have been planning to start going to the gym for a while now. But we have not been sure on which gym to choose. So yesterday we decided to go visit them. It feels like a very hard decision. But I made it easy for myself and decided to go to both! hihi

Gonna go to the first one today to try and then I will go to the next one on Monday to try that one too. 

After the gym hunting, we had an early dinner at wagamamma. 

Cold and rainy Seville.

 The Starbucks smoothies is a little bit of a disappointment. Don't get them. 

The Starbucks smoothies is a little bit of a disappointment. Don't get them. 

Today I came with Luis to Seville. Vi took the train this morning and arrive in the rain. Its always raining when I am here. I bring the bad weather with me. And it's very cold too... I wish I brought my winter jacket. I am shaking. 

We sat down in Starbucks to study. Luis his stuff and me mine. 

I am just gonna be here for a tiny bit before I go back to Gibraltar. I am taking a blablacar back. I just really needed to be with Luis. Even if we just sitting next to each other working on different things. 

And I also wanted to take some nice pics, but in this rain, it won't happen. haha

I hope you are all good. 😘


Hello hello and happy spring!


At least its spring here in the south of Spain. However, the turists thinks its full blown summer haha. Maybe I have become Spanish and think that its cold all the time. 

Today is anyway the first day this year I am using a vest top. Even if I am using a jacket on top. 

I am currently on the bus towards Jerez to be with Luis over the day. 

Tomorrow I am heading back again as Luis is going to Seville and I need to work. Today the weather is amazing but tomorrow it will start raining again.

And then I hope that all the rain is over for this season. Its time for summer now! 

It definitely need to get warmer before my beloved Malins is coming in the beginning of next month. 

I am so excited!

Gib walk


Tjooohoo (a happy hi) sweetheart! 

I hope you had a good day!

Today I was off so I decided to go out for a long walk. I think I was out for about 3 hours before going home again. My plan was really to do Med Steps, but... I realised quickly that my 1h30 min walk to the starting point has already worn me out, so the next time I will get a bus.

On my way home the saddest thing happened. And I did not know what to do... Just as I was going to cross the road next to the restaurant Gaucho's, I saw a seagull. This seagull was very very hurt. Someone had just run it over and took off. The poor little fella only had his wing attached by a little string. Now when I think about it, both wings were damaged. I did not know what to do. The seagull acted like he was in a state of shock... He walked around the roundabout in a haze before he walked down the road with lots of traffic. Not caring if someone ran him over. I even think he wanted to die.

I tried so hard to figure out how to help him. What to do, but I just felt totally blank. Finally, someone from a coffee took him off the road and into a safer place. But man, that not gonna help him. He is still gonna die. But what should I have done? What would you have done?