Refreshing Moisture Mask ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™


Refreshing Moisture Mask ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™

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Intensive rejuvenation and long-lasting hydration– ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Moisture Mask leaves skin beautifully smooth and healthy-looking


What It Does For You

  • Specially formulated rich cream formula delivers both immediate and long-term deep hydration
  • Skin surges with vitality and feels refreshingly beautiful
  • Features a light fragrance to aid relaxation
  • Suitable for all skin types


Why You Would Like It

Part of the incredible ARTISTRY™ Special Care Collection, ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Moisture Mask goes beyond traditional hydration. The exclusive skin moisturizer contains ARTISTRY HYDRA-V liposome with Norwegian Fjord Water for deep and lasting hydration. Hawaiian Acai Extract builds an enhanced moisture barrier, while a rich dose of omega 3 and 6actively cares for your skin. Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals, specially blended with other nutrients, replenish with vital mineralsfor optimal hydration. Your skin is left feeling instantly refreshed, revitalized and ready for anything! 


Facts For You

  • ARTISTRY HYDRA-V is a collection of products inspired by Nobel Prize winning research.
  • ARTISTRY scientists discovered and used the purest water formed by glaciers, said to be the purest in Norway. The water gives you maximum skin hydration