Flat iron

My beloved steak

This is for sure my favorite restaurant in London right now. Even if I wish I was able to be a vegan or vegetarian, due to this kind of restaurants, I can't. 

It is not much on their menu. But you really do not need more and what they already have. The flat iron, a side and a sauce of your choice. My favorite is flats iron steak, fries and Bernice sauce. And the best thing is. It is actually really cheap. The steak itself is only £10




Spanish Tapas


This place has the most amazing Spanish tapas I ever had in London. It is a little bit more pricy than the rest of the restaurants I would recommend. But trust me, this is worth it. Perfect for a weekend dinner with friends, family or your date. The croquettes were by far the tastiest I ever had. 

The restaurant and the location are very lovely.
The waiters and waitresses know their food and wine which is always really lovely and helpful while choosing food. 




Best kebab in London

Almost every week since we found this place until we moved we had dinner och lunch at this place. I have recommended this place to almost everybody I have talked about kebab with. This is Londons BEST kebab place. Even the Turkish people say that this restaurant is the place to go. So please, if you ever go to London, do yourself a favour and get your ass to this place. Even my dad that hates lamb, LOVED their lamb.