Welcome to my health journey


Hello there!

Welcome to my new blog about my journey to a healthier life.

I am doing this for 2 simple reasons. To feel better then I look in the mirror and to feel healthier in general.

So to be fair, I am only doing this for one simple reason: To feel good about myself. 

I have long had health issues. Ever since I was a child. I have asthma, I have a bad gallbladder, very low immune system, gluten intolerant and more. 

When I was a kid, I was very active, but I quickly lost the interest in sports and activities when I reached my teenage years. I was also very tall as a child, but after I started with my asthma medicine as a child I kind of stopped growing and turned out to be the shortest one in my family. Then you are the tallest one around you find yourself being the kid that could eat the most without ever become overweight, and I still had that mindset when I got to my teenage years. 

Sadly, I started to gain weight. It just said POFF and I were there, with a little bit too much around my waist. However, it was not in an unhealthy way. 

During this time I had a person in my life (not a family member) that became very obsessed with my weight. As a 14 years old girl, I took this really hard and I also became obsessed with how I looked and my weight, without ever thinking about health.

I was totally obsessed with my food for many years. It was a strange thing, because when I had people around me I made sure I did not eat much and that I would 'act like a skinny girl'. But the second I was alone, I ran to the candy store or eat a burger. I had such a strange, strange relationship with food. 

After this person left my life, I had a fall back to food. I ate and I drank, almost non stop. I ate all the things that I was not able to have when that person was in my life. I become a party girl. I did once again not care about my health. 

It took me my whole life to understand how much food does to a person. And how good or shitty it can make you feel. 

It was not until now when I moved to Spain and started to go to our dietist, that I understood that so many health issues can be cured with the right diet and exercise.

BUT, I have once again fallen down the unhealthy food hole again. Not as bad as before. But still enough that I don't feel good. 

And this is where this blog comes in. I will use this blog to document my road back to a healthy life. I will share all that worked, all that did not work. Different diets, different workouts and all these things that make the body and soul happy. I also make sure to update all this with images, 

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. And please join me if you wanna.


Emmy Terese