Thursday thoughts


I can't wait for the summer to come back again. I am use to either 10 months of winter or 12 months of rain and gray skies, so it is such an amazing though that in just 4 month until it will be hot here agian. Hurray! 

Just booked a bla bla car (best app ever) to go to Jerez this weekend. It will be a long weekend. Off Friday to Tuesday afternoon! Gonna be lovely with a long weekend. I have not slept much lately, so it will be lovely to be able to relax! 

Received a voice message this morning from my Chloe from the other side of the world. Poor thing, I sent her a voice message that was 30+5 min long! That happens when you favorite people are so far away. You only have few times to speak, so when you speak, it is a lot to say! 

Hope you will have a lovely day today! I hope you have sunshine where you are!