Plans for NYC


Yesterday I did abs and shoulders at the gym before I met up with Chloe that needed some new outfits for some upcoming events. We managed to find all the things that Chloe needed. We had a funny experience when Chloe was going to buy some shoes at the Aldo store on the west side of Oxford Street. Chloe had asked for some shoes in her size, they asked us to sit down and wait, so we did what they told us. When the girl came out with the right size shoes she just threw the box at Chloe's feet and in the rudest manner just said "you're welcome" as to indicate that Chloe was rude for not saying thank you to her, Chloe was not even given the chance to say thank you 😅I can't believe that people even dare to act like that, because you never know who you are talking to.

We finished off the shopping with a smoothie at Joe and the juice. In there, our smoothies inspired us to plan a trip to New York. I have always wanted to go to New York so I am super excited! We decided for the end of May. YEEY! This was actually one of the two trips that I wanted to do this year so I am super thrilled and so nice to go with Chloe that knows the place and all, her sister lives there so she has been there a few times. Will also meet up with Henrik, even if he does not know anything yet, haha.

ps, they had a girl working in this Joe and the juice, happy to see that this sexist coffee place has changed, haha.


Today I have just been lying in bed. Watching the Ted Bundy doc. Conversations With A Killer: the Ted Bundy Tapes. I have heard, read and listen about the Ted Bundy case a lot during the years but I have never seen the court tapes before. So that was interesting.



Tonight after work I will go to Jerez! I will spend a long weekend there. 

Silver tote bag. Interior with three compartments, one with a zip. Side pocket. Metallic beads detail on the contour. Chain shoulder straps. Silver-toned hardware.

Height x Width x Depth: 25 x 21 x 7 cm. / 9.8 x 8.2 x 2.7″

Nr: 4033/204 price: 29.95 EUR


for Reyes 'Three Kings' I got a voucher at Zara (my favorite store in the world!). So yesterday, I took the taxi with Linnea to the little shopping mall (which I once made the indoor mapping for with Google, haha!) and went shopping at Zara. I got myself 2 tops and this beautiful bag. IN LOVE! 


I hope you have an AMAZING Friday! I am myself in a very good mood! Woke up with a message from Australia that made my morning routine so much better and tonight I will see my love so I am in a very good mood. I have a huge headache too, but who cares. Just some more water, hehe,