Food prep


Today I had my day off. Sadly I woke up super, super late! I woke up at 14:00!

I had such a grand plan for this day and I was really disappointed when I saw the time after I had woken up. But I think my body needed that. I have only been sleeping for about 4 to 6 hours each night for a couple of weeks now. So I am alright with the late wake up now. 

I still managed to do a great deal of stuff. Did almost all of my washing, food shopping (I spent 89 euros and I broke my back on the way home) and best of all: I made food prep for three weeks ahead! How crazy is that? In total, I made 15 lunch boxes! 

And they are all after my diet. Each Tupperware has a label with a day on them. Now I only have Thursdays to do, but I need more Tupperware before I can do more, haha! 

As I am now finally feeling okay, I will start running tomorrow! So I will now try to fall asleep as soon as possible so that I can sleep long enough so I feel good enough for a run! 

Sleep tight and see you tomorrow!