West highland way, third and forth day.

After an uncomfortable, but better sleep than the previous night we woke up in pain.

R had two massive blisters on the back of his feet and I has a blue toenail. I have slipt and got caught in between two rocks. I could feel the bleeding underneath my nail all night and now it looked like it was coming off. We decided to walk back to Balmaha and book a room in a BnB, rest up and start walking again after a day resting. We booked a room at Balhama inn. We almost mediately fell asleep. Two night of horrible sleep and two days with lots of walking with heavy bags had taken its toll on us.


We rested and later has dinner at the Oaktree inn. We tried their haggis and salmon paté with beetroot chutney for starters and OMG it was fantastic! I The haggis was perfectly spicy with mashed potato and a lovely whiskey sauce. And the combo of salmon paté and beetroot chutney was perfection. I then had fish and chips. I must say that I regretted having the fish and chips, not because it wasn't great, it was really good, but because I wanted to change for the beef cheeks like 1 sec after the waitress walked away, haha.

The Balmaha inn was okay, it was a little bit small but it has a good selection of TV channels which I really appreciated as we don't have a TV at home, haha. I would recommend the Balmaha inn if you wanted to rent some cabins. They looked great! They even came with a Jacuzzi.

Day four was also spent in Balmaha. We still have sore feet and there was no way that R could walk. I could tape my toenail down and be able to walk, but R blisters needed to dry up before we could even think about walking again. This night we booked a room at The Oaktree inn. We got a nice upgrade to their superior double room which was incredibly cosy. Sadly they didn't have as many TV-channels as the Balmaha inn, haha.

We once again have a great dinner down at the restaurant. I had the same starter as the night before R tried their soup of the day.

We both had the beef cheeks that I wanted the night before and it was just as good as I thought it would be. We also had some nice whisky before we headed to bed.



Vi kom till Seville vid 13:00 tiden i tisdags. Tog tåget från Jerez och gick direkt med våra saker till vår lilla lägga som vi hade för en natt. Sjukt fint ställe men jag glömde att ta bilder 😩Sen gick vi och köpte lite mat och gick ner till vattnet för att käka lite lunch. Älskar att äta på restaurang, men älskar lite mycket att gå och köpa en god picnic och sätta sig vid vattnet eller i en park. Underbart!

Efter åkte Luis på sin kurs och jag tog en prommis kring Seville innan min tele dog och jag åkte hem och laddade den. Efter Luis slutade sin kurs gick vi och käkade så en underbar restaurant som heter Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas

We arrived in Seville around one a clock this Tuesday. We took the train from Jerez and walked straight to our apartment that we rented that day. It was so beautiful but I completely forgot to take any pictures of it 😩After we had dropped off our stuff we headed to the supermarket, got some food and walked down to the river to enjoy our lunch. I love to eat at restaurants, but I just as much love to pick up some food from a supermarket and make it into a picnic next to a river or in a park. 

After Luis had gone to his course, I took a walk throughout the city before I needed head home and charge my phone. When Luis later finished, we met up and had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas