Edinburgh Castle & Vaults.


Arrived in Edinburgh late on Thursday so the night was just for sleeping and chilling.

Friday was really the D-day! Started the day with a nice avocado 🥑 sourdough toast 😍 I think it’s the best breakfast in the world! (Until I get sick of it, haha)


After that, we walked up to the Edinburgh castle. Horrible walk up though, had a leg and gluts class the morning before so I had horrible DOMS 😂

The castle was amazing! Sadly we had the 3 a clock tour witch only left us with only 1,5 hours in the castle. We didn’t know they closed so early. So people: Go early. It’s so much to see, read and listen too. I could definitely stay 1,5 hours longer. I love to really take my time in places like this.

At 10:15 we had an “extreme paranormal experience”. I think this is my number one tour ever. The tour guide guy was amazing. The way he spoke, moved, made silly but gruesome jokes. And he had really good stores to tell. Both real historic events, unconfirmed events and paranormal encounters and stories. He also impressed me with his extremely light dressed tour guide outfit 😂How on earth can the Scottish people walk around with so little clothes on? Damn it, I am almost from Lapland and I was walking around freezing.

We started in the town and headed to the Greyfriars kirkyard and then down the vaults.

I’m honestly still hyped from it. I wanna do more of them now 😍

If you wanna do the same tours as I did you find it here. It is also the tour guide guy on the picture when you book your tickets 😜