Aqua Kyoto


Glad fredag allesammans! Igår mötte jag upp med Hanna efter jobbet. We skulle egentligen gå en prommis i Regent park men dom stängde tydligen kl 19:00 men vi trodde dom stängde kl 18:00 så vi trodde inte vi skulle hinna. Så vi gjorde som man gör man ens planer inte går i lås: Vi drack vin, haha!

I mitten av Argyll street finns det ett ställe som heter  Aqua Kyoto som har en takterrass. Så vi gick dit och tog ett glas och snackade.
Efter det så åkte jag hemåt, handlade mat, lagade mat och tvättade mina kläder… åh nej, jag glömde att ta ur mina kläder ur tvättmaskinen i morse 😅

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday I met up with Hanna after work. We were supposed to have a walk in Regents Park. But apparently they close at 19:00 but we thought they closed at 18:00. So we did what you do when your plans fail: Drank wine, haha.

In the middle of Argyll street, there is a place called Aqua Kyoto where they have a nice rooftop terrace. So we went there for one glass and had a nice chat.

After that, I headed home, bought food, cooked and washed my clothes….oh no... damn, I forgot the washing in the machine when I left for work 😅

Hardcore cycling


I did it! I got to the gym at 11:00 today and completed the “Hardcore cycling“, whoop whoop! I though I was going to throw up during it though, haha!

I just had not been drinking any water the night before, so I was already dehydrated before I even left for gym. I got my water bottle with me during the spinning but it was not even nearly enough. Then I went to the steaming room and had a hot shower. So now I am finally drinking some water. 😅

After the gym I popt in to work to see if my dress had been delivered, but nooo… So I don’t know what I am gonna do for a NYE outfit if it does not come tomorrow 😩 I am gonna have a look in my wardrobe and see what I can find. I have a few dresses I have never used before.


I ordered this two dresses. The silver dress was going to be my NYE dress but we will see now. The other dress I just fell in love with and it was kinda cheap, so I got that one too, haha.

Funny part is, you never know who you are.


Hejsan hej, jag har varit ganska tyst ett tag. Men jag är ganska mentalt trött. Det här med att folk bara tar och tar, är det som tröttar ut mig.

När man ger, lyssnar och förstår och personen man tror man hjälper bara vill ha mer, och helst bara sätter käppar i hjulen på en. Då blir man sjuk trött orkar inte mycket. Det tar all energi liksom.

Jag har träffat några svåra personer i mitt liv. Men denna gång är jag i en beroendeställning och kan då inte bara stänga av personen från mitt liv. Just nu är inte i survival mode längtar tills den dagen det är över. Men jag vet att jag är stark, och jag har drömmar. Den glöden jag har kommer aldrig försvinna. Den är helt enkelt för stark för det. Så dom här kommande åren, när allt detta är över, så kommer jag ge järnet. Jag har sagt att jag ska jobba hårt som ett as dom fem kommande åren. För den framtid som jag vill ha. Så även här det jobbigt, så har jag lärt mig att vara stark. Jag vet precis hur jag inte vill ha det, och kommer aldrig ha det så här igen.

Vi lever bara en gång, och jag ska ta tag i mitt liv och jag ska göra det till det liv alltid velat ha. Giftiga personer, som den personen jag pratar om, kommer aldrig att vara en del av mitt liv igen. 

Jag är så taggad på vad livet kommer att bli.

Hi there, I have been kinda quiet in here. But I am very mentally tired. You know when people just take and take? That can totally drain you. This is what is happening to me right now. 

When you give, listen and understand a person, and that same person just wants more and more from you and also takes every opportunity to 'Put sticks in your wheels' (Swedish saying). Then you become extremely tired and lose a lot of energy.

I have met a few difficult people in my life, but right now I am kinda dependent on this person, and it’s not really possible to seclude this person from my life. So right now I’m just in survival mode and only waiting for this time of my life to be over.

But I know I’m strong, and I have dreams. The fire that I have inside will never burn out. It’s way too strong for that. So this years to come, when all of this is over, I’m going to give my absolute all.

I have said to myself, that I’m gonna work hard as an idiot this coming five years. For that future, I want to have. So even if this situation is hard, I really truly learnt how to be strong. I know exactly how I don’t want things to be, and it’s never going to be this way again.

Because I only live once, and I’m really going to focus on how I want my life to be.

And all the poisonous people, like the person I’m talking about today, will never be a part of my life ever again.

I’m so excited to see what the future brings.


Fat Tuesday/ Shrove Tuesday


After a weeks silence, I am back! A little longer than a week actually. More like a week and a half.

I have just been busy with uninteresting stuff, so I figured, why should I blog about nothing? But I am back on the horse and I hope that you guys are doing well! 

This past Tuesday, Andreas in the office had made Swedish "Semlor" for the whole office.

As for us Swedes, it was the 'fat Tuesday' list last one, which is the Swedish counterpart of 'Shrove Tuesday'. In the UK you eat pancakes, in Sweden, we eat this cake that is called Semla. But do not eat more than one in one day. Otherwise, you feel sick! So much fat and sugar.  

Right now I am in Jerez and I will spend the weekend here. Not sure about the plans, but Ill make sure to upload them here. 

Big kisses! 

Food prep


Today I had my day off. Sadly I woke up super, super late! I woke up at 14:00!

I had such a grand plan for this day and I was really disappointed when I saw the time after I had woken up. But I think my body needed that. I have only been sleeping for about 4 to 6 hours each night for a couple of weeks now. So I am alright with the late wake up now. 

I still managed to do a great deal of stuff. Did almost all of my washing, food shopping (I spent 89 euros and I broke my back on the way home) and best of all: I made food prep for three weeks ahead! How crazy is that? In total, I made 15 lunch boxes! 

And they are all after my diet. Each Tupperware has a label with a day on them. Now I only have Thursdays to do, but I need more Tupperware before I can do more, haha! 

As I am now finally feeling okay, I will start running tomorrow! So I will now try to fall asleep as soon as possible so that I can sleep long enough so I feel good enough for a run! 

Sleep tight and see you tomorrow!