Plans for NYC


Yesterday I did abs and shoulders at the gym before I met up with Chloe that needed some new outfits for some upcoming events. We managed to find all the things that Chloe needed. We had a funny experience when Chloe was going to buy some shoes at the Aldo store on the west side of Oxford Street. Chloe had asked for some shoes in her size, they asked us to sit down and wait, so we did what they told us. When the girl came out with the right size shoes she just threw the box at Chloe's feet and in the rudest manner just said "you're welcome" as to indicate that Chloe was rude for not saying thank you to her, Chloe was not even given the chance to say thank you 😅I can't believe that people even dare to act like that, because you never know who you are talking to.

We finished off the shopping with a smoothie at Joe and the juice. In there, our smoothies inspired us to plan a trip to New York. I have always wanted to go to New York so I am super excited! We decided for the end of May. YEEY! This was actually one of the two trips that I wanted to do this year so I am super thrilled and so nice to go with Chloe that knows the place and all, her sister lives there so she has been there a few times. Will also meet up with Henrik, even if he does not know anything yet, haha.

ps, they had a girl working in this Joe and the juice, happy to see that this sexist coffee place has changed, haha.


Today I have just been lying in bed. Watching the Ted Bundy doc. Conversations With A Killer: the Ted Bundy Tapes. I have heard, read and listen about the Ted Bundy case a lot during the years but I have never seen the court tapes before. So that was interesting.

A post full of random.

A picture I took of Burlington Arcade.

A picture I took of Burlington Arcade.


Here is some pictures of my half done room. I still have paintings to hang and buy more decoration and so on, but I decided to share some pictures anyways.

Hello hello everybody.

I felt so sick this morning that I needed to come in later to work 😅

I thought I was going to be sick at the train, which would have been extremely embarrassing, so I decided to wait until I felt good enough to come in. Which I eventually did. Then I got to the train and sat down I noticed that someone had actually spewed in the train. Haha! Poor thing. 😅 And it was a lill bit disgusting 🤢

As I did not feel great yesterday either, I decided to go to bed early, and I really did it! I think I was sleeping at like 21:30 which is like a record since I came here. I slept 8 hours 😍 So I actually woke up feeling energetic. But after I had breakfast I felt sick, I think it was my supplements that made me feel sick. I eat a lot in one go. I will start to take half in the morning and a half in the night.


I just thought about something today, which I think I also wrote about recently, but I am so happy and grateful for my friends and family. I really, really am. I think about it often, how god damn lucky I am. I definitely feel very very blessed! 🥰 ♥️ Thank you guys for being you! ♥️

Heart of the Ocean


Igår hade vi äran att få se några renar och en lite älg på väg till min morbrors stuga. Så söta! Jag vill verkligen gå ut ur bilden och ta några bättre bilder, men dom sprang iväg innan jag ens fick en chans. 

Men det var underbart att få se dom. Jag har liksom sett dom hela mina uppväxt men jag blir alltid lika glad av att se dom. 

Yesterday we had a privilege to see reindeers and one baby moose on the way to my uncles cottage. So cute! I wanted to go out of the car and take some pictures but the always ran away before I even had the chance. 

But it was amazing to see them. I have seen them around my entire childhood but I always feel the same happiness everytime I see them.


Min morbrors stuga var egentligen mormor och morfars stuga från början. Jag spenderade mycket tid här med dom när jag var ett litet flickebarn. Det var här som mormor lärde mig att fiska.

Innan dom gick bort så fick min morbror ärva stugan och vi fick ärva deras hus. Och det är i det huset som vi idag bor i. 

My uncle's cottage was originally my grandparents. I have spent a lot of time here with my grandparent when I was a kiddo. It was here my grandmother taught me how to fish.

Before they passed away this place were given to my uncle and we got to take over their house. That is the house we currently are living in.


Varje gång vi systrar umgås så blir vi direkt barn igen, haha! Leker nere på stranden 😂Vem gör ens det i vår ålder? 

When we sisters are around each other we become kids again. haha! Playing down on the beach 😂Who even does that in our age? 


Finaste ❤️/ most precious ❤️


Fast än mina systrar inte fiskar själva så är dom alltid ett bra sällskap. Dom gör fisket lite mindre fridfullt men mycket roligare. 

Even if my sister does not like fishing like me, they are great company. Making the experience a little less peaceful but much more fun! 


Tog dig! Jag lyckades fiska upp en fisk! Min syster lyckades fånga mig på film medan jag drog upp den. Jag fick riktig panik när jag märkte att abborren var jagad av en gädda som försökte ta den. Abborren var 38 cm men vägde bara 735 gram. 

Got ya! I got myself a big fish! I have a funny video of me catching the thing. The panic I got was real after I noticed that a massive pike tried to steal the perch from me. The perch was 38 cm long but was only 735 grams. 

Självklart var vi tvungna att köpa den töntiga bilden från utställningen 😂/and ofcourse we bought the silly picture after the Exhibition 😂

Självklart var vi tvungna att köpa den töntiga bilden från utställningen 😂/and ofcourse we bought the silly picture after the Exhibition 😂

Det blev bara en snabbvisit till stugan eftersom att vi had biljetter till Titanic Exhibition i Skellefteå. Denna utställning visar riktiga föremål som fanns ombord på antingen på Titanic eller systerskeppen Olympic och Britannia och historien bakom dom. 

Dom berättar även lite mindre kända historier om personer som fanns ombord på Titanic. Deras liv innan, på båten och efter olyckan (om dom överlevde). 

Det var också väldigt många historier om svenskar ombord på Titanics jungfruresa. Det var 123 svenskar ombord och 89 av dom dog under olyckan. Denna utställning gjorde att allt kändes mycket mer verkligt. 

Vi fick också se det rikiga halsbandet som i filmen kallades "Heart of the Ocean". Såklart var ju inte inte historien kring detta halsband samma som historien vi fick se i filmen. Halsbandet har egentligen inte ens samma namn. Det rikiga halsbandet kallas för "The love of the Sea" och ägdes av Kate Phillips. Kate och hennes "pojkvän" som var 20 år äldre än henne (hon var bara 19 år) bestämde sig att rymma till Amerika. Han ville starta ett nytt liv men sin nya kärlek och han lämnade därmed sin fru och sin dotter efter sig. 

Kate överlevde katastofen men Morley dog tyvärr när Titanic gick under. 

It was just a quick visit to the cottage as we had booked tickets to the Titanic Exhibition in Skellefteå. This is an Exhibition which show real artefacts that have been on-board either Titanic or its sister ships Olympic or Britannia and the story behind them. 

They also tell more unknown stories about individuals onboard Titanic. The life before, onboard and after (if they survived.) 

It was a lot of stories about Swedes that were onboard Titanic's maiden voyage. There were around 123 Swedes onboard and 89 of them died in the disaster. This Exhibition really made everything feel more real. 

We also saw the real 'Heart of the Ocean' even if the story surrounding the real neckless was not the same as the made up one in the movie, it did not even have the same name. It is called 'The love of the Sea'. The neckless was owned by a woman called Kate Phillips. She and her 'boyfriend' who was 20 years older than her (she was only 19 years old) decided to run away together to America. He wanted to start a new life with his new found love and left his wife and daughter behind. 

Kate survived the disaster but Morley sadly passed away during the tragic event. 



Exciting news!


Good morning (ish)!

I have managed do a lot of things this morning. I first woke up because somebody was hammering, at 09:15! But now that is alright because that way I saw that Chloe had texted me, I answered straight away, her she figured that I was awake and she called! Last time I spoke to her was a very long time ago, last year at least, haha!

She lives in Australia at the moment and that is why we have issues with finding a time for us to speak. But now we finally had the time and we decided something exciting!! She is coming to Gib at the end of February!! I am so, so excited! I have not seen this girl in 6 months!! It will be such a great thing to see her. ermahgerd!!

This morning I also managed to have a long shower and a face mask, clean my place and wash all my container for my meal prep tomorrow. 

I hope you having a great day!