My romwe order

För några dagar sen så beställde jag hem lite kläder från romwe. Men jag insåg idag att det är en leveranstid på 14-28 dagar (alltså va?) för Gibraltar men att det var 7-14 till Spanien. Jag har redan beställt, men dom har inte skickat ut dom så jag hoppas att jag kan ändra till Spanien istället. Annars får jag dom liksom efter att sommaren är slut, haha! Fan!

Men dom var iallafall fina och billiga! Spana in dom nedan! 

Massor med kärlek!

For a couple of days ago I made an order from romwe. But today I realized that the delivery is 14-28 days (wait what?) to Gibraltar, but that it was only 7-14 to Spain. I have already ordered but I hope that I am able to change for Spain instead. Otherwise, I will get them when the summer is over, haha! Damn! 

But at least they were pretty and cheap! Have a look at the stuff down below. 

Lot's of love! 


Knot High Leg Bikini Set £6.93


Lace Up Striped Cami Top With Shorts £8.47


Top Bar Cat Eye Sunglasses £4.31


Bow Tie Cold Shoulder Cami Dress £10.47


Heart Shaped Frame Sunglasses £3.85 


Gingham Cami With Tie Detail Skirt £8.93


Tie Hem Flounce Sleeve Top £7.70


Adjustable Straps Bikini Set £8.16

Fat Tuesday/ Shrove Tuesday


After a weeks silence, I am back! A little longer than a week actually. More like a week and a half.

I have just been busy with uninteresting stuff, so I figured, why should I blog about nothing? But I am back on the horse and I hope that you guys are doing well! 

This past Tuesday, Andreas in the office had made Swedish "Semlor" for the whole office.

As for us Swedes, it was the 'fat Tuesday' list last one, which is the Swedish counterpart of 'Shrove Tuesday'. In the UK you eat pancakes, in Sweden, we eat this cake that is called Semla. But do not eat more than one in one day. Otherwise, you feel sick! So much fat and sugar.  

Right now I am in Jerez and I will spend the weekend here. Not sure about the plans, but Ill make sure to upload them here. 

Big kisses!