Exciting news!


Good morning (ish)!

I have managed do a lot of things this morning. I first woke up because somebody was hammering, at 09:15! But now that is alright because that way I saw that Chloe had texted me, I answered straight away, her she figured that I was awake and she called! Last time I spoke to her was a very long time ago, last year at least, haha!

She lives in Australia at the moment and that is why we have issues with finding a time for us to speak. But now we finally had the time and we decided something exciting!! She is coming to Gib at the end of February!! I am so, so excited! I have not seen this girl in 6 months!! It will be such a great thing to see her. ermahgerd!!

This morning I also managed to have a long shower and a face mask, clean my place and wash all my container for my meal prep tomorrow. 

I hope you having a great day! 


a little bit more about Tina

Good morning beloved reader! here is two pics from NYE! Scroll down a bit more and you will see an explosion of puppy pics!   


So two weekend ago we took care of the little puppy Tina. Which is Luis dads puppy, but he was away during new years and we took care of the little baby. 

Last weekend we saw her again during Reyes. And this is the pictures from when we saw her. 

i love this photo, she looks like a cartoon! haha

i love this photo, she looks like a cartoon! haha

luis little brother mario

luis little brother mario


I hope you will have an fantastic day!