2018, I am so happy to see you gone.

Yesterdays NYE celebrations.

Yesterdays NYE celebrations.


So now 2019 is here. I would almost say: Finally! This year have been a tough one for me. I think it has been my loneliest year so far. Being in a place where I did not understand anything. I don’t even know why I have let myself be stomped on by people as I have. Its been hard but I have learned so much at the same time. I have learned that I need to stand up for myself, that I can and will say no. That I am good enough. I have given too much of myself and this year will be all about me. I don’t mean in an egoistic way, but I am not gonna bend over backwards for people that won’t even recognise what I'm are trying to do for them. I would like to think that I am an understanding person with patience that I don't even myself understand. But people have been using that against me. I thought I was helping but I have now realised that I have only hurt myself by doing that. This year and forward I will give my attention and love to the people that deserve it.

I am also gonna take care of my health. Go back to my diet and continue going to the gym. I will try new things, I will do things that make me happy. I will learn new things and focus on my personal growth. I will challenge myself and leave my comfort zone. I am not healed yet from what happen last year. I don’t trust people like I once did. Which is in one way sad, but maybe also good. Maybe I was so naive before and now I only have grown to be careful?

I have also lost my ambition. I tried so hard to keep it up whilst I had so many other things that were constantly keeping me down. I have been in a place I despise and I didn’t really have a place to call home for a whole year. I did not have any personal space and that wears you down. To feel unsafe in the place you are supposed to call "home".

For a whole year, I put my own life aside to go somewhere where I could not even be with the person I gave it all up for. Instead, I was staying somewhere unstable where I never knew what was going to happen next or who was even there. And I just let it be like that. But, should I just blame myself for what others did? I don’t know. I guess that is something I need to think about a long while before I'll understand it.

Anyway… This last months of this year have been very crazy, lots are happening at work and in my personal life at the same time I am trying to heal, but I have also made some very happy and bright memories. I am closer to my sisters that I have ever been. I have a realised that I have very very good friends. And I have moved back to the place I call home. I now walk down the streets of London smiling. This will be a year of hard work and a lot of effort. And I will do it all for me and the people I love and that truly and fully loves me back ❤️

Thank you 2018 for all the lessons you taught me, but I am so happy to see you gone.

Hardcore cycling


I did it! I got to the gym at 11:00 today and completed the “Hardcore cycling“, whoop whoop! I though I was going to throw up during it though, haha!

I just had not been drinking any water the night before, so I was already dehydrated before I even left for gym. I got my water bottle with me during the spinning but it was not even nearly enough. Then I went to the steaming room and had a hot shower. So now I am finally drinking some water. 😅

After the gym I popt in to work to see if my dress had been delivered, but nooo… So I don’t know what I am gonna do for a NYE outfit if it does not come tomorrow 😩 I am gonna have a look in my wardrobe and see what I can find. I have a few dresses I have never used before.


I ordered this two dresses. The silver dress was going to be my NYE dress but we will see now. The other dress I just fell in love with and it was kinda cheap, so I got that one too, haha.

A post full of random.

A picture I took of Burlington Arcade.

A picture I took of Burlington Arcade.


Here is some pictures of my half done room. I still have paintings to hang and buy more decoration and so on, but I decided to share some pictures anyways.

Hello hello everybody.

I felt so sick this morning that I needed to come in later to work 😅

I thought I was going to be sick at the train, which would have been extremely embarrassing, so I decided to wait until I felt good enough to come in. Which I eventually did. Then I got to the train and sat down I noticed that someone had actually spewed in the train. Haha! Poor thing. 😅 And it was a lill bit disgusting 🤢

As I did not feel great yesterday either, I decided to go to bed early, and I really did it! I think I was sleeping at like 21:30 which is like a record since I came here. I slept 8 hours 😍 So I actually woke up feeling energetic. But after I had breakfast I felt sick, I think it was my supplements that made me feel sick. I eat a lot in one go. I will start to take half in the morning and a half in the night.


I just thought about something today, which I think I also wrote about recently, but I am so happy and grateful for my friends and family. I really, really am. I think about it often, how god damn lucky I am. I definitely feel very very blessed! 🥰 ♥️ Thank you guys for being you! ♥️

Getting a cold


Hiya! My god... I'm catching a cold. I had the feeling that I was going to get sick yesterday when I was out Christmas shopping. My eyes were so sensitive to the light and I only wanted to stay inside. This morning I felt fine. But when I got to work my energy level just fell low. I’m gonna go for a session in the sauna after work and then straight to sleep. Hopefully, I will be all fine tomorrow.

I should have understood that I didn’t feel my best when I got to work and noticed that I had my “trash shoes” on me. I only wear these sneakers at home, haha. I also got to work still wearing my knitted socks!

I had a lovely weekend though. On Friday I was out with Chloe and her workmates in Kings cross. Came home late and missed my tube stop as I fell asleep. Whoops! Haha

I needed to walk from Turpark lane back home. Which is like a 15 min walk… it's not super far, but its never nice to walk alone at 3 am.

On Saturday Josh and Chloe came to my place as we first decided to have a night in, but changed our mind and went to a cool burger place close to mine. They have board games too. Defiantly coming back!



Jag glömde helt bort att skriva om min dag i storforsen med min familj. Det är verkligen ett helt underbart ställe. 

Den är Europas största oreglerade fors där sammanlagda längden på hela forsen, från start till slut, är 5 km med en total fallhöjd på 82 m.

Detta naturreservat är bara så vackert och fridfult. Det känns som om jag säger samma saker om och om igen, men det är bara så sant 😂Jag har verkligen inte fler ord att beskiva dessa vackra platser. 

I completely forgot to upload the blog about my day at storforsen with my family. This is such a stunning place. 

It is Europe's largest unregulated waterfall where the entire length of the entire range, from start to finish, is 5 km with a total altitude of 82 m.

This nature reserve is just beautiful and peaceful. I feel like I am saying this about all the places I go to but its true 😂Sometimes I feel like I don't have words to describe how I feel about this places. 


The sisters and dad ❤️


Look at the beauty!


Mother earth treated us with a rainbow.


Sun, trees and water... all you need!

Efter vår lilla resa till storforsen så åkte vi in till Älvsbyn och käkade pizza. Jag har ätit så mycket skit sen jag kom hit. Det är helt sjukt, haha! Jag mådde så bra i min kropp när jag kom hit men det är borta vid detta laget, haha.

Nu är det dags för mig att sova eftersom att jag och Sara ska bestiga Kalahatten imorgon. Om det går som planerat, haha! Puss

After our trip to Storforsen we drove into the town centre of Älvsbyn and treated our self with a pizza. I have been eating so much shit on this trip it's insane. haha! I felt good in my body when I arrived and that is all gone by this point, haha. 

Now its time for me to sleep, as me and Sara are gonna walk up the little mountain called Kalahatten tomorrow morning. If everything goes as planned. Kisses

Out on the fields


Systerkärlek på fälten back vårt hus, haha ❤️

Vi systrar har alltid gjort töntiga videos och tagit massor med bilder genom åren. Vi brukade göra stop motion filmer med hjälp av lego och Harry Potter parodier i vårt garage med vår webbkamera efter skolan när vi var små. Där hittade jag min passion, fast än den har skiftat genom åren.

Denna tradition av video och photoshoots är nått som vi alltid hållt fast vid. Vi har alltid gjort videos och photosessions varje gång vi ses. Och oftast mindre seriösa, haha! 

Igår innan vår lilla photoshoot så åkte jag, mamma och Gabriella in till stan. Gabriella behövde åka in till aktut tandläkaren på grund av hennes visdomstand och jag var tvungen att uppdatera lite detaljer på banken. Sexiga saker va? 😅😂

Sen var vi ju självklart tvungna att fika innan vi åke tillbaka till Lillpite igen. 

Efter middagen så åkte hela familjen till ett ställe som heter Bröstfallet. Det är ett vackert ställe med en stöm och små vattenfall. Men såklart så började att spöregna när vi kommer dit. Blev bara att ta lite bilder lite snabbt och sen snabbt in i bilen och åka hem igen.

Sister love on the fields behind our house, haha! ❤️

We sister have always been making silly videos and taking a lot of pictures. We used to make stop motion videos with lego and remake harry potter scenes in our garage with a webcam after school when we were kids. I found my passion there, even if it has gone and come back a few times during the years. 

But this tradition of video and photoshoots is something that we always kept over the years and we still do our photo and video session every time we see each other. However, mostly just silly stuff, haha! 

Yesterday before our little photoshoot me, mom and Gabriella visited the city centre. Gabriella needed to visit the emergency dentist for her wisdom tooth and I needed to renew some details at the bank. Sexy business huh? 😅😂

fika was, of course, a must before heading back home to Lillpite. 

After dinner, the whole family drove to a place called 'Bröstfallet' which translates to 'the breast fall'. This is a beautiful little stream/waterfall. But of course, it started pissing down when we arrived. Some quick pictures and back to the car and quick back home again.