Vi kom till Seville vid 13:00 tiden i tisdags. Tog tåget från Jerez och gick direkt med våra saker till vår lilla lägga som vi hade för en natt. Sjukt fint ställe men jag glömde att ta bilder 😩Sen gick vi och köpte lite mat och gick ner till vattnet för att käka lite lunch. Älskar att äta på restaurang, men älskar lite mycket att gå och köpa en god picnic och sätta sig vid vattnet eller i en park. Underbart!

Efter åkte Luis på sin kurs och jag tog en prommis kring Seville innan min tele dog och jag åkte hem och laddade den. Efter Luis slutade sin kurs gick vi och käkade så en underbar restaurant som heter Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas

We arrived in Seville around one a clock this Tuesday. We took the train from Jerez and walked straight to our apartment that we rented that day. It was so beautiful but I completely forgot to take any pictures of it 😩After we had dropped off our stuff we headed to the supermarket, got some food and walked down to the river to enjoy our lunch. I love to eat at restaurants, but I just as much love to pick up some food from a supermarket and make it into a picnic next to a river or in a park. 

After Luis had gone to his course, I took a walk throughout the city before I needed head home and charge my phone. When Luis later finished, we met up and had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas




Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 01.36.24.png

Maybe silly to be so excited, but as I thought that the ticket sale started on the 3d of February and not today, I am extremely happy to announce that I managed to get those freaking tickets! haha. The only reason I found out that the ticket sale was today, was after I was reading the sad tweet that Bisping will not fight his retirement fight in London the 17th of March. 

Thank god I saw that tweet and that the ticket sale already started. It was only 4% left when I started to book the tickets! BUT they are mine now! hurray!! 

PS. Official UFC Europe liked my tweet 😌😜



Anyway! Time for me to sleep. 

Good night!


Exciting news!


Good morning (ish)!

I have managed do a lot of things this morning. I first woke up because somebody was hammering, at 09:15! But now that is alright because that way I saw that Chloe had texted me, I answered straight away, her she figured that I was awake and she called! Last time I spoke to her was a very long time ago, last year at least, haha!

She lives in Australia at the moment and that is why we have issues with finding a time for us to speak. But now we finally had the time and we decided something exciting!! She is coming to Gib at the end of February!! I am so, so excited! I have not seen this girl in 6 months!! It will be such a great thing to see her. ermahgerd!!

This morning I also managed to have a long shower and a face mask, clean my place and wash all my container for my meal prep tomorrow. 

I hope you having a great day! 




Tonight after work I will go to Jerez! I will spend a long weekend there. 

Silver tote bag. Interior with three compartments, one with a zip. Side pocket. Metallic beads detail on the contour. Chain shoulder straps. Silver-toned hardware.

Height x Width x Depth: 25 x 21 x 7 cm. / 9.8 x 8.2 x 2.7″

Nr: 4033/204 price: 29.95 EUR


for Reyes 'Three Kings' I got a voucher at Zara (my favorite store in the world!). So yesterday, I took the taxi with Linnea to the little shopping mall (which I once made the indoor mapping for with Google, haha!) and went shopping at Zara. I got myself 2 tops and this beautiful bag. IN LOVE! 


I hope you have an AMAZING Friday! I am myself in a very good mood! Woke up with a message from Australia that made my morning routine so much better and tonight I will see my love so I am in a very good mood. I have a huge headache too, but who cares. Just some more water, hehe,


Thursday thoughts


I can't wait for the summer to come back again. I am use to either 10 months of winter or 12 months of rain and gray skies, so it is such an amazing though that in just 4 month until it will be hot here agian. Hurray! 

Just booked a bla bla car (best app ever) to go to Jerez this weekend. It will be a long weekend. Off Friday to Tuesday afternoon! Gonna be lovely with a long weekend. I have not slept much lately, so it will be lovely to be able to relax! 

Received a voice message this morning from my Chloe from the other side of the world. Poor thing, I sent her a voice message that was 30+5 min long! That happens when you favorite people are so far away. You only have few times to speak, so when you speak, it is a lot to say! 

Hope you will have a lovely day today! I hope you have sunshine where you are! 


a little bit more about Tina

Good morning beloved reader! here is two pics from NYE! Scroll down a bit more and you will see an explosion of puppy pics!   


So two weekend ago we took care of the little puppy Tina. Which is Luis dads puppy, but he was away during new years and we took care of the little baby. 

Last weekend we saw her again during Reyes. And this is the pictures from when we saw her. 

i love this photo, she looks like a cartoon! haha

i love this photo, she looks like a cartoon! haha

luis little brother mario

luis little brother mario


I hope you will have an fantastic day!