Vi kom till Seville vid 13:00 tiden i tisdags. Tog tåget från Jerez och gick direkt med våra saker till vår lilla lägga som vi hade för en natt. Sjukt fint ställe men jag glömde att ta bilder 😩Sen gick vi och köpte lite mat och gick ner till vattnet för att käka lite lunch. Älskar att äta på restaurang, men älskar lite mycket att gå och köpa en god picnic och sätta sig vid vattnet eller i en park. Underbart!

Efter åkte Luis på sin kurs och jag tog en prommis kring Seville innan min tele dog och jag åkte hem och laddade den. Efter Luis slutade sin kurs gick vi och käkade så en underbar restaurant som heter Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas

We arrived in Seville around one a clock this Tuesday. We took the train from Jerez and walked straight to our apartment that we rented that day. It was so beautiful but I completely forgot to take any pictures of it 😩After we had dropped off our stuff we headed to the supermarket, got some food and walked down to the river to enjoy our lunch. I love to eat at restaurants, but I just as much love to pick up some food from a supermarket and make it into a picnic next to a river or in a park. 

After Luis had gone to his course, I took a walk throughout the city before I needed head home and charge my phone. When Luis later finished, we met up and had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Ovejas Negras Bar de tapas


SUNDAY when Chloe was here.


On sunday we needed to leave the cute little airbnb that we had over the weekend. This is the view from our rooftop. 


the guys were ready for the day. Even though Luis was not to excited to be in any pictures. 


After we left our things in the car, we finally had a great day being turists without the rain. 


Apparentlty this is where the Major lives. 


Luis wanna get into the Patio de los naranjos (Orange tree courtyard) of the Cathedral of Seville. 


Perfect day with blue sky with a few clouds. 


Sadly, we were not able to show Chloe 'Plaza de España' as it had been raining and storming so much that palm trees had fallen all over the garden. But we managed to show her other things like the golden tower that you can see on the picture above.  Its name comes from the golden shine it projected on the river, due to its building materials (a mixture of mortar, lime and pressed hay).

It was erected by the Almohad Caliphate in order to control access to Seville via the Guadalquivir river.


We found this super scary thing on the streets of Seville. Both me and Chloe were sure we would get nightmares after watching this thing. Pretty sure that the skull is made of a real animal. I would most likely die if I saw this at dark. 


Ines, Fernando, Luis and Chloe. Chloe is making a commercial for sprite. haha!


Ps. After this, me and Luis are pretty sure that this is the place we would like to live. Seville is definitely a place for me. A bigger city that is very artsy and has a lot of different kinds of people. Ds.

Sherry and Arabic baths.


We decided to go for a tour at Gonzalez Byass winery. This is one of Spains most known sherry bodegas. I was here about 4 years ago, but as I have forgotten most of the facts, it was very nice to take the tour again. This is a really nice tour if you wanna know more about the history of sherry and Tio Peppe. 

Its origins can be traced to 1835 when it was founded by Manuel María González Angel, who was subsequently joined by his English agent, Robert Blake Byass. Thats why the companys name is 'González Byass '


We obviously needed to pose next to our flags, and yeah... I don't really take serious pictures. 


This is actually a very interesting fact, the 'house' that this pictures is taken in, is designed by Gustave Eiffel. He also designed the train station in Jerez.


This picture is just too funny, haha! SMILE! 


Just before the tour started they showed a little Andalusian horse show. The Andalusian horse is so insanely beautiful. They were breeding the Andalusian horse in Carthusian monasteries in JerezSeville and Cazalla. And because the people of Jerez knows Flamenco, so does the Andalusian horses!


Chloë acts like Tio Peppe!


Not windy at all!


This is a picture from the office from the funder of González Byass. He was only 23 years old when he started the company. 

After his death, nobody has been allowed to touch his office. 


Some celebs have also been here.


The first draft of the logo of Tio Peppe.


looking at celebs.


We ended the tour with some wine tasting. I really LOVE sherry.


After the tour, me, Chloë and Luis had lunch and then enjoyed a walk in the city centre.

At 18:00 we had an appointment at an Arabic bath. AMAZING! Have you ever been? You start with a 'normal' heated bath, then you go to a warm bath and finish with a very, very cold bath. After that, you start over again and doing this for about 1,5 hours. In the end, they serve you a nice Arabic tea.

I truly love Arabic baths. The place we went to is called hammam andalusi and you can find their website by clicking here.

Hot and cold baths have been used for centuries and some of the benefits they bring include: increased energy, increased circulation, detoxification, and the clearing of negative energy.

I actually do this everytime I shower. After a really hot shower, I finish off with some cold water. Makes you feel fresh and energetic and funny enough, it helps me not feeling cold after I leave the shower.