I was right after all this years.

Had a dentist appointment this morning. The first one in a while to be honest.

I have been worrying about the movement of my teeth for ages.

I had braces from the age of 16 to 18. I had an underbite which originally was supposed to be fixed with jaw surgery, but luckily my jaw moved as I was growing and surgery was no longer a must.

But to make sure I was biting correctly and to fix the gaps in between my teeth (as I had more jaw when teeth) I had braces put in.

After my two years with braces was up, it was removed and I had a permanent retainer attached to my 6 front upper teeth.

However, shortly after it was put in, it started breaking. I visited my orthodontist several times to get it fixed back on my teeth. But after I moved to London and kept experience issues with my retainer they decided to remove it from four of my teeth and only keep it attached to my two front teeth.

Slowly my teeth started moving back to where it was before I had the braces, except for my two front teeth.

However, recently I have started feeling movements in my two front teeth and I can feel how my retainer is moving up towards my gum. My bite is completely off.

I have been talking about getting braces again, just because of looks as I have not had any pain or anything that would annoy me, but now… I feel my teeth being loose in the morning as I am pushing them outwards with my lower teeth and jaw all night and I am also experiencing headaches because of it.

But today I got it all confirmed and it feels so god damn good. I know I had movements, I know the retainer was moving and I know I need braces.

This will be an expensive ride I am sure, but I am happy to know what the dentist can see what I feel.

The retainer is moving up my gum and I need to remove it otherwise it will destroy my gum. I will now set up an appointment to have it removed and hopefully be referred to an orthodontist, get braces and start using a retainer during the night.