Plants, plats, plants.

My mum is probably proud. I am not a flower lady! Maybe not a pro yet, but this requre pracrise.


My mum is probably proud of me just now, haha. I am a flower lady now! Maybe not a pro yet, but this requires practice. I have repotted my Aloe vera, so instead of one big, I got two normal-sized aloe vera and 3 babies.


Been strong ever since I got her back from Sweden.


This little grassy one is growing as well.


Unfortunately, they almost died as I planted them before they have proper roots, so they are back in their water glass again. Hopefully, they will grow some strong roots soon.


I have also planted an avocado seed. I know my flossers are not as nice and pretty as a wooden tooth picker, but it works, haha.


My peace lily is living even if she went trough hard times after no water for two weeks (I was in Sweden.)


Keep getting stronger!


Biked to Asda to get some compost but I came home with a new flower instead.