Hair growth


After work yesterday I did hot Yin yoga. It was so needed even if I feel like I did very pose wrong 😅 But the instructor said it was not about the pose and more about the sitting still part that is the important part of the practice - for the Yin yoga at least. Yin yoga is the form of yoga when you do very simple poses but you sit in them between 4 and 5 minutes. It is so you learn how to be still - both body and mind. Which is so hard in this society. When I came outside I saw that the sky started to break up and I could finally see some sun 🌤


Just before my class started, mum sent me a picture of me and my friends from when we were 11/12 years old. I realised that I had such thick hair. What happened? (please do not mind my hair color 😅). I know that my hairdresser used to say that I had such thick hair for having Scandinavian strands. So maybe my hair follicles are just sleeping? I don’t know, but I headed straight to boots afterwards and got this two products. My problem is that I don’t believe in products. I never think they are gonna work. But as Castor oil is natural I have a tendency to believe in that more than chemicals. So I am gonna try to use this 3 times a week for months to come. I am gonna take a before and after picture to see if it works! 😆