I have just had the best Easter! Honestly, the best one in sooo many years.

The previous years I have been working or been away and I have not been able to celebrate properly with holidays and all. So I am incredibly grateful that I could do that this time around.


I was supposed to take the train up to Glasgow from London Euston at 18:30 on Thursday. I went straight from work to Euston to catch my train. It was a MESS! I had booked my train for 18:30 and was at Euston at 18:15. Got to the train, all in good spirits. But when I got to the train their was a long queue to the platform. Which I have never seen before?

We stand there for a while and the clock is nearly 18:30 and is still not even allowed to get on the platform. And then we are getting told that we are not gonna fit on the train?

Stood there for a while and didn't know what was going on. The Euston crew finally takes everybody to another platform hoping we gonna fit on another train. It took us an hour but then finally we got on a train. We filled up 2,5 cars. That is a lot of people! How could so many people be overbooked? Anyway, we get to Glasgow 00:05, which is one hour later then I should have been, but heyho…


On Friday we wanted to go to Trossachs national park which is about 45 min/1h outside of Glasgow. So we hired a car to go there over the day. As I was the only one with a driver's license I was the driver all the way there and back. This was my first ever drive on the left (wrong) side of the road. OMG it was scary! But I had a good co-pilote so thank god for that.


We finally (after being lost for a while) got there and OMG what a beautiful place. I felt so grateful walking around in the nature and to hear the birds around us. We were supposed to walk to Loch Lomond, but we didn't find it. We ain't good enough hikers yet. But we will get there. I would LOVE to camp there one day.


Before we started walking we parked in a village called Aberfoyle. We parked and I did the most common mistake the first time you drive on the wrong side of the road: I touched another car with mine! The lady was upset but the man didn't care. It wasn't anything on the cars anyway. Thank fuck for that! MY GOD!

Aberfoyle was such a cute place. Beautiful stone houses, small roads, amazing nature and just dead calm. Just over 1 000 people lives there.


We found a little kitty friend on the way back. I cuddled her for a bit and came back to the car with a big fat swollen lip… I just need to look at a cat and my whole face swells up, haha.


On Saturday I left the car at the rental place with the help of R’s mum. I could not possible drive just by myself. Not yet at least.

I then took the bus (trains were not running) into the city centre of Glasgow and met up with Benjamin. Ben was my manager at Desigual and I have not seen him in years. It was so so lovely to see him and we were talking for about 3 hours before I needed to go and pick up R at work.

The rest of the weekend we chilled, eat food and sweets and drank a few pints before it was time to head back to London.

It was honestly a great, great time!