Walk home - Carnaby Steet


I thought I was smart to choose another way home yesterday. Because taking the Oxford street tube station around five and six in the afternoon is just mayhem. I live on the Piccadilly line so its easier for me to use my legs and walk down to Piccadilly Circus and take the tube from there. I walked through Carnaby street and wanted to take some photos (I always keep my camera with me) but I got very disappointed when I saw them afterward 😅Not my best day, to say the least.

I walked past Shakespeare's head, the pub we had our after work pins whilst working for Desigual. Feels like an eternity ago. Also had a date there once. Not because I remember anything from it 😅 Just the location, must be over 6 years ago now.

Dragged myself to the gym this morning, however, I missed my class. I might have intentionally missed it, as it was soooo hard to get up from bed. I didn't sleep much. But I got there and I did arms, shoulders and abs. Not much abs though as someone took the Power Tower and I didn't have time to use it.

It had been free throughout my whole arm and shoulder routine and as I was walking towards it, a girl, just one meter ahead of me, took it. And I got upset only like a kid could and walked away. 😅 But I did a good job as it was hard to wash my hair afterward, haha.