Hello world, just done with work now.

Gonna get my ass to Lidl and by food for the week. I need to get back to a more “fishy diet”. I really are not a fan of fish but I do know that I feel the best when I eat a lot of white fish. So I am gonna try to eat that at least 4 times a week from now on.

I met up with Patricia this morning for some Vinyasa yoga at Third space. I ran late as I had set the wrong alarm on my phone 😅I have one alarm that I once set to only ring on Wednesday and I of course set that alarm. But to be fair, I was so tired when I sat that alarm. I came home after I had bough a full body mirror in Finsbury park and I worked a bit from home after that. Then I jumped in bed to work a bit more from there but fell asleep with the computer in my lap. I got a message at 19:38 that I had not seen to I had fallen asleep before that. At 21:00 I woke up and try desperate to set my alarm, and accidentally sat it at the Wednesday alarm. But I made it to yoga anyway. And I deserved that sleep after being awake for over 35 hours plus, haha.

Met Karin and Matteo today for lunch 😍It was so nice to see them before they go back to Sweden. I am gonna see Karin again in a few weeks, but dont know when I am gonna see Matteo again.

Well its time for me to leave the office now. Cant sit here forever, I need to do my food shopping and I have spinning in the morning tomorrow.