Greyfriars Kirkyard

Finally, after so many years of wanting to go to this place, I have finally been there. Greyfriars Kirkyard.

I am a lover of the Paranormal and so is R (thank god, haha) and after the tour yesterday we took a day time stroll in the Kirkyard. The gray Mausoleum below is the final resting place of Sir George Mackenzie and his family. This Mausoleum is world-famous for the Mackenzie Poltergeist stories.

Mackenzie was responsible for the deaths of 18,000 of his countrymen due to religion. For 300 years Mackenzie has been resting until one dark and stormy night in 1998, a homeless man, look for shelter from the storm broke into ‘Black Mausoleum’. Whilst in there, he fell trough the flor of the Mausoleum and on to the remains of Mackenzie body.

Ever since then they say that the Mackenzie Poltergeist has been roaming the Kyrkyard. You even have recorded happening such as scratchings, fainting and such. Actually, over 500 ghostly attacks have been reported by those visiting the tomb, most of them captured on photos.


On the picture below you can where the homeless man fell trough.


You can almost feel the history of this place lingering. Over 100,000 bodies are buried here.