Back to the big smoke.


Hiya! Just came home to London for about an hour ago. I had a lovely weekend in Stockholm which I could not blog about as it was happening. I was not able to charge my computer as I forgotten my adapter and the once at the hotel was already lent out.

Today I had breakfast at Espresso house. I have been craving my favourite chocolate ball that they have just there. Our flight was as 16:05 so I headed out there after my "breakfast".


Some pictures from Saturday. Just love Stockholm. Feels so royal with all the fancy names and restaurants. The veal steak was from Fridays lunch. So good!


On Friday we had the event that we have been planing for a while now. Glad that it is over and that it was successful. It has been kinda stressful with all the preparation for it but we managed to get everything ready about an hour before “showtime“ haha.


After the “main event“ we headed down for a three-course dinner. We were served a starter called “Gubbröra“, hard to translate, kinda old mans mix? Then we had elk stew 😍And finished it off with an apple muffin and ice cream. Sooo good! I was stuffed.

After we headed back to the hotel. We stopped for a drink at the bar before we went up to our rooms for some well-needed sleep. Before we headed up I joined Miranda for a cig outside the hotel. When we are standing there a guy comes up to Miranda and ask her if she has a lighter. Miranda say yes and gives him the lighter. He attempts to light his cigarette but before he does that, he takes the lighter and moves it towards his dick. He has left his zip open on his trouser and he puts the lighter down his pants and rubs a little. Then he lights his cigaret and “gives back” the lighter to Miranda (he knows she was going to say no). My first reaction was to say no for Miranda, and then Miranda says no. And he is like “okay then.“ and walks away? What a fucking fucktard! If I knew how to throw a punch this would be the time for it. I am not a person that likes violence at all. But some people deserve a punch in the face so that they never do it again. He walked away from us a little to watch our reaction. I wonder if he did that just to keep the lighter or for sexual pleasure or both, my god.


Stockholm Saturday night. I had a walk back home from a failed mission 😅At least I got to see some nice views on the way home. Did you know that Stockholm closes their stores at like 5 and 6 in the afternoon on a Saturday? I was so sure they would be open for longer than that. But apparently not 🤨

We had a nice flight back to London today and I am happy we came home early. I am now gonna jump in the shower and have a real hardcore scrub. My fake tan is not being nice to me night now and it both looks like I'm dirty and have vitiligo (which I do have but not on my hands.). Then a facial mask and some sleep, and I am hopefully back on track.

We gonna have a nice lunch with some Gamesys people tomorrow at aquavit so it would be nice to at least be clean for it. 😜Good night ❤️