Camden Town and friends

And then Friday came. It started in the best possible way: sourdough bread toast with avocado and poached eggs! And something else that I have never tried on a one of this toast before: chilli flakes. It was SO good! 
I wish I could have this every morning. But then I guess, it won't be special anymore. 

Then we had a stroll through Camden town looking for a headpiece for my Saturday outfit. But, I did not find anything. After that, I had a look trough portobello and once again, nothing.  Time was running and I was supposed to meet my Google friends at 18:00. I Started to feel stressed. Then I remembered! There is a fancy dress store in Camden. I jump on the next bus to get there on time. My phone had died for a while ago and I just prayed the store was open and that I would be in time to meet my friend (I organised it after all, haha). 

The store was open!! I got myself a purple feather headpiece! Perfect! Time to pay and run. My card was declined... I have a top up card as my original card is not working. And it was not topped up enough and my phone was dead so I could not transfer. haha! 

But they let me charge the phone in the store. Charged, transferred, paid and ran. Back to the hostel, changed and on my way again, and I made it in time for my meet up! YEY! 

Had a lovely time with my crew! Had some drink at Big Chill in Kings Cross and then burgers in Honest burgers just across the street. 

Lovely day!