My skin routine.


After like 26 years of never caring for my skin I though I may start with it. 

My entire life I have slept with make up and removed it with soap and water (okay, not maybe the soap and water the last couple of years). So I have started a whole new routine now. 

  • I start with taking of my make up with either coconut oil or a oil based make up remover. 
  • Then, I wash my face with a gel-cream face wash with extracts of Rose and Jasmine flower (the one on the picture)
  • After I have washed my face I put on a 1 min face mask (Daily essentials 1 min Urban detox mask). This mask makes you skin so smooth! Or I make my own home made mask. 
  • when I have washed the mask off I use the refreshing toner on the picture. 
  • After my face is dry, I put "slap" on my moisturizing cream. haha! What I mean with slap, it like dab ;) This give the skin time to absorb the moisturizing cream :)

And there it is! And yeah, I don't wipe my face clean with the towel, I dab here too. 

I hope you liked it. How do you take care of your skin? Do you have any tips?