The day Malin arrived.


I have not been able to update here as I have had a very treasured guest over. Malin came on Thursday night. My plan was that I was going to pick her up at the airport. I had booked a blablacar from Algeciras. 

First, the bus to Algeciras (Algeciras  is a town which is about 30 min away by bus) was late. I was going to meet my blablacar there as they were arriving with the ferry from Marocco. 

In my mind, my blablacar was 2 young French guys (he asked if I spoke French) that have been for a road trip in Marocco. Funny how the mind making things up. 

Because that was not what I got. haha! This is gonna sound kind of mean, but it's too funny to just skip! 

a big blue car came with one man in his 50/60 (I think)  and his mother and his auntie.  Nobody spoke English. Just French. 

We picked up another woman at the Algeciras ferry port. (oh, and by the way... they were an hour late. They have told me 16:00, which was the reason I booked just this car. then they changed to 15:00... but in the end, we left at 16:00. Which meant that I waisted one-hour waiting.). 

Finally, we were on our way. Sitting in between a nice Spanish lady and the French auntie in the back. I don't think that the French lady cared much about her hygiene because it was really hard for me to get over the smell. 
during the trip the french lady and the Spanish lady tried to communicate about something, using me as their table. literally leaning on me! haha! it was so bizarre! 

Then when I asked if they could drop me off at the airport (Malaga airport it on the way to Malaga.) they said no. its literally a 5 min detour. 
My original plan was to go into Malaga and take the train back to the airport. But because they were driving soo slow, I was super late. 

Sooo... I was sneaky and asked them to drop me off at a shopping mall "on the way". They did not know that it was super close to the airport and kind of dropped me off at the airport. But! Karma hit me back! 

My flatmate said that this shopping mall was really close to the airport so I just took her words for it. I did not think further before stopping there. to When I was there I realized that it was AN HOUR walk! 

It was only later that I was given the information that it was a train going to the airport from the shopping mall. haha! So I walked the entire way to the airport. 

I was a really strange walk. It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere with a few cars driving past. I tried to have a laugh at the situation and pretended that I was Pippi Longstocking singing her song.  I felt like I was on one of her adventures and as it was my biggest dream to be her when I was a child I embraced the situation. 

When I have walked about halfway to the airport I saw a parking place with a shuttle to the airport. I ran up to them and asked if I could ride with them to the airport. I got a big NO. YEY... Now it was only a dangerous highway
left to reach the airport. I am happy I survived. lol.

Finally, I was there to embrace my beautiful Malin how already had gotten herself some cava as she was waiting for me. I was supposed to wait for her! not the opposite! haha 

Then we only had one more blablacar ride to La Linea with a lovely girl called Maria and then Luis came to pick us up later on and we headed to Jerez. 

But man, what a day!