Gib walk


Tjooohoo (a happy hi) sweetheart! 

I hope you had a good day!

Today I was off so I decided to go out for a long walk. I think I was out for about 3 hours before going home again. My plan was really to do Med Steps, but... I realised quickly that my 1h30 min walk to the starting point has already worn me out, so the next time I will get a bus.

On my way home the saddest thing happened. And I did not know what to do... Just as I was going to cross the road next to the restaurant Gaucho's, I saw a seagull. This seagull was very very hurt. Someone had just run it over and took off. The poor little fella only had his wing attached by a little string. Now when I think about it, both wings were damaged. I did not know what to do. The seagull acted like he was in a state of shock... He walked around the roundabout in a haze before he walked down the road with lots of traffic. Not caring if someone ran him over. I even think he wanted to die.

I tried so hard to figure out how to help him. What to do, but I just felt totally blank. Finally, someone from a coffee took him off the road and into a safer place. But man, that not gonna help him. He is still gonna die. But what should I have done? What would you have done?