Mediterranean steps

Tjooohooo peeps! I hope you are all good! Today I am in the office with the most horrific pain in my calves! I can barely walk. 


This Wednesday me, Linnea and Magnus walked up the Mediterranean steps.  This is a natural path up to the top of the Gibraltarian rock. 

This is something I would recommend everybody that travels to Gibraltar to do (if you are fit enough, which I am clearly not if you ask my calves). 

The views were amazing and the weather was absolutely beautiful. 
We did this walk just before work so we were in a bit of a hurry. 
But we managed to both walk all the way up and go to the new skywalk. 

I must be honest and say that the skywalk was disappointing. I took one nice picture there (nr 10). but that was it. We paid 5 pounds for 5 min on the skywalk. 

It was just kind of a little balcony. I thought it was build in a way that you would feel a bit scared. Like the glass part in the Tower Bridge in London. 

The glass was not even clear. What a shame. They even invited Mark Hamill, the guy that played Luke Skywalker to open the skywalk. 
He must have been so disappointed too...

Anyway, anything else was amazing. I am looking forward to repeating this walk more times this summer. And it would be amazing to do the walk without the time pressure of getting to work on time.