Saturday in Jerez de la Frontera

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Hello, little Easter bunnies! I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday with lots of eggs and a good time with your family.

I have not really celebrated Easter this year as I have been working this week when they celebrated Easter here in Spain.
This weekend I have been in Jerez with Luis. And as the Easter celebrations are very religious here, I and Luis have just had a regular weekend. 

However, it is kind of good for my health that I have not been in England or Sweden as we eat a lot of sugar and unhealthy stuff there. 

As I am a notorious candy binge eater but yet super sensitive to sugar. It best that I stay away from the temptation. haha

Yesterday Luis picked me up from Gibraltar and we headed to Jerez. I was planning to take a blablacar but the car got full the second I decided to book. So poor Luis needed to drive all the way just to pick me up. 

We had some seafood at Luis dads place and played a bit with Tina. She has become so big! But she is still so adorable! 


Yeah, I know.. I look my absolut best, haha! 

After we had a walk in central and later we went out for a few drinks at night. 

Today have been a little bit dramatic as Luis granddad did not feel very well and they decided to call an ambulance. So that's where we have been today. But as the strong man he is, he did just like Jesus and resurrected and he is back home now. 

Lots of Easter kisses!