Spanish easter celebration


First off, sorry for bad pictures! I did not have the time or the boldness to take any nice once. The shy and polite swede will always live inside of me, haha!

And secondly, no, this is not the KKK! Thank god for that! This is easter celebrations in Spain. And they dress like that. I actually think that the KKK took the outfit from here. (And the historians seem to believe the same).

Luis has been talking about this celebration since we meet. He always wanted to show me this. This was very important for him as a child even though he has grown apart from it all since he grown older. 

I would say it's like a carnival, but instead of floats with half-naked people, its floats with scenes from the bible or of a saint.
Instead of floats with heels, its floats that are being carried by people. Instead of Brazilian samba music, it's brass bands and drums. 

It's very interesting, especially coming from one of the lest religious country in the world.  

The thing that struck me the most were not all the beautiful floats or the scary costumes but when Luis pointed to the other side of the street to show me a man with a "Pirate patch". Luis told me that this guy (which nickname actually is 'the Pirate") is a famous bullfighter. For me, a disgrace of a human being. 

He had lost his eye in the bullring when he was fighting with a bull. The horn took his eye out. Apparently, it happened once more in the same eye, but this time, it was no eye to take. It just caused him pain. Which he deserves... I am sorry, but I have very little feeling for this type of people. This is the reason I felt so choked when I saw him. I just felt total discussed and I need to look at him for a while. It just let it sink in that people like him exist. 

I can't wait until bullfighting will be forbidden. I think we just need one more generation to fall off the pin before it will be illegal. What do you think about bullfighting?

Anyways, it was an amazing experience and I may see some more tonight if I feel better. 

Right now I am lying in the bed with a fever. Not feeling it. I really thought I would make it through this winter without a cold, but BOM its here, haha! I am gonna rest now and hope for the best. 

Lots of kisses! 

OMG! just looked up how the bullfighter lost his eye and I feel fo sick right now. I recommend not to check it out, but if you really wanna see you can google 'Juan Jose Padilla gored'. BUT I warned you!!