London UFC fight night!


This is the main event of the evening! 

Last Saturday was the day we had been waiting for! The London fight night!

But I must admit something right of the bet, it's not worth so sit that far up as we did. Maybe I
felt this way due to the fact that last UFC fight night we sat in VIP area and we saw the octagon clearly. 

This time we sat so high up we needed to look at the LED screens to be able to see the details of the movement of the fighters. And as we are not there just to watch people beating the shit out of each other, we are here to watch the art of it all. And if you are not able to see the small movement of the fighters, what is really the point?

Okay, that sounded very harsh, haha. But it was just annoying. I will make sure I start putting away some money now for the next fight night so we can get some good seats. 

And then it was Werdum… Well, well… that just shows that everything can happen in this sport and this is the amazing part of it. 

Just before the fight night started we meet up with Luis friends to have some dinner in the O2 arena. 

Just as we were munching on our burger I realised that I had forgotten the tickets back at the hotel. Grrr.. haha! I had been watching this tickets like a baby and now when I really needed them I had forgotten them. I would not have been a great mother, haha.