My flight back


You know when everything goes wrong? That was my ride back to Gibraltar... haha!
The whole thing started with that me, Luis, Mark and Fernando (Luis American Friends) had a lovely night out celebration st Patrick's day. (even if it was the night after the actual St Patrick's day). We had a few drinks and some kebab just before we headed home. 

Sadly, I had not been keeping up with what time it was until we came home. We came home at 02:00.

I was just happy that I at least would get one hour of sleep. (I was going to regret that later on)

My plan was to get up at 03:00. That way, I would be sure that I would get to Gatwick in time. I did what I said and I got up at 03:00, got ready and ordered an UBER. (I thought that UBER had been forbidden in London, but maybe they had come up with an agreement.)

However, my UBER cancelled on me 4 times until someone came to my rescue. This shaved 1 hour off from my travel time. (is not so many UBER around at 03:00 on a Monday morning I guess). 

Finally, my lovely UBER driver got me to Victoria station where I was taking my train to Gatwick Airport. Now the time was 04:45 and the next train was about to leave at 05:00. 

I headed to the Gatwick express trains, I speeded through the gates (grateful that I already had my tickets) and headed to the first train. The train left at 05:00, but had to stop in Croydon for about 15 min due to a red light. (trust me, stress levels were running high).

At 05:45 I was finally at Gatwick Airport. I ran with my broken suitcase wheels to the airport shuttle, which would take me to the north terminal. Now I thought I was safe. I was here and now I only needed to get to my gate.

With passport and phone in hand, I approached the check-in desks where I was going leave my luggage. But just as I was getting my boarding pass from my iPhone, the app was not responding. I was no longer able to see my boarding pass...

The guy that worked with the check-ins offered me to print my boarding pass. Thank you, kind man! However, this took a very long time. After he had printed my boarding pass, he looked at the boarding pass and down on his watch saying: ‘I don’t think you gonna make it. It is now 06:07 and your gate closes at 06:20.’... poop...

I ran to the first check-in band (self-check-in), chucked my bag on the band. 25 KILOS! I only had an allowance for 23 kilos! I drag my luggage on the floor, opened the bag and started looking for something to throw away. I found the heaviest thing is my bag, this was two expensive bottles of wine. (Luis had packed them in my suitcase as he did not have space in his. I am very sorry honey!). I could hear people complaining as I did not give space for them to do their check-in as I was going through my luggage, but there was no way I would give up a second to stand in line once again. 

Finally, after chucking 2 bottle of expensive wine in the bin and successfully checked in my luggage it was time to RUN! If I was thirsty before I started running, I was dying when I reached the gate. BUT! I made it to the gate in time!

 YEAH! I was going to make it!

It was now time to board the plane. I walked up to the counter, I show my passport and boarding pass. But the lady looks up at me and say: ‘I am sorry but this flight has been overbooked. I am not sure if you will make it on this flight. You need to sit down and wait for all passengers to get on the plane first and after that, we will see if there is some space for you and that lady over there’. She points to another lady that has had the same thing said to her. 

But luckily, not all passages showed up and we were allowed to get on the flight to Gibraltar. My god was this a trip! I managed to sleep for the whole duration and only woke up to the loud sound of us landing. I thought we had crashed, haha.

After, I dragged my broken wheels back to the apartment and then went back to Gibraltar for a day at work. 

I am happy that day is over, but it seems like the bad luck is following me... I just wrote this whole blog post all over again as the first one disappeared, lol.

I wish you all great and stress-free travels in the future.