Back in London town.


Back in the city and back to work. It was hard to get back to London this time around actually, I wish to spend at least two more weeks up there. I love Scotland and I love the scenery!

I need to hike at least once a month, it amazing for the soul. If you think about it, we are made to roam, we are built to walk great length. It's proven that physical movements are reducing anxiety, and of course, it does, that is such a big part of our human behaviour. But it's a behaviour that is lost trough the lifestyle that we now have.

So when R moves down to London, we will make sure to walk more. Taking the train out to different hiking trails and also the once around London. This has also inspired me to work out more, to get stronger for my hikes.

When I was younger I worked ut to be skinny, then I worked out to get strong, and then I worked out to get healthier, but now I feel like I got a goal with my training. Which feels even more exciting. This is gonna be the start of something great.