This weekend


This weekend I have been in Jerez with Luis. I went home from Gibraltar to Jerez with Bea, who dropped me off at Area Sur (Jerez biggest shopping mall) so I could buy some makeup, as all of mine had finished. Why does all make up finish at the same time? haha

After my shopping spree, Luis came to pick me up, but we decided to stay a little longer to get some food and beer. We finished of the day with some frozen yogurt. 


On Saturday me, Luis, Bea and Jaime headed over to a BBQ with Jaime's siblings. It was lovely food and Jamie's family is totally amazing. And look at the good looking Rubiales siblings!


After the BBQ we went over to Luis dads place to say hi to them and little Tina who is growing super fast. After playing a bit with Tina, we headed over home to get ready for a night out. 


Saturday we chilled after a hard night out the day before. We went back to say hi to Tina the last time before I needed to go home to sleep, so I could get up at 4 in the morning on Monday to catch my blabla car to Gibraltar. We had a lovely walk around a lake close to Luis dads place. Lots of happy dogs in the park and lots of birds in the little lake. Luis told me that once they had funded a crocodile lurking in the lake. A man had bought a crocodile but got sick of it and left it in the lake. Tons of kid and dog were running around. Crazy story. 

Now I am back in Gibraltar and a new week has started. 

I hope everything is good with you <3