A better day


Hello pretty people! 

Yesterday Luis came over here to Gibraltar and we spent the day together over here. 

It is so nice to be around all the beautiful boats and to be close to the sea. But honestly, the best time we had was when we stayed at home. Just eating a lovely dinner and watching TV as we cuddled.

As we do not live together those moments are the most valuable moments you can possibly have. Just the downtime chill time. 

Today the weather has been so amazing. I have so much energy right now. I am sitting here in my running clothes ready for a run. Just charing my phone for the moment, but after that, I am ready to sweat! 

I still have some issues with my knee so that is something I need to focus a lot on in the coming weeks. I need to walk softer. That is the biggest reason my knee is so bad. I slam my foot on the ground so hard with every step and that works its way up to my knees. 

anyway, it is time for me to get of my ass and go for a run! 

I hope you are good! Go for a run you too if you can! 

Lots of love!