Merry Crisis

Christmas decorations at Fortnum and Mason.

Christmas decorations at Fortnum and Mason.

Everyone is out of the office. Just me and one of my workmates are still here.

I´m still the only one that is gonna stay in London over Christmas. I'm gonna miss my family 😩 I already do! At least I missed the crisis that has been going on at Gatwick! I am sure you all know about it, but it has been some drones that have suspended the whole airport. One of my colleagues had a cancelled flight, two had delayed the flight and I think one was spared and the last had her flight from Heathrow. So at least I was spared from that.

I really wonder who it was that caused it. I hope they are gonna follow it up so that we will know.

Some good news is though that I am gonna go home to Sweden in February with Chloe! We booked the tickets yesterday and I am so excited!!