Getting a cold


Hiya! My god... I'm catching a cold. I had the feeling that I was going to get sick yesterday when I was out Christmas shopping. My eyes were so sensitive to the light and I only wanted to stay inside. This morning I felt fine. But when I got to work my energy level just fell low. I’m gonna go for a session in the sauna after work and then straight to sleep. Hopefully, I will be all fine tomorrow.

I should have understood that I didn’t feel my best when I got to work and noticed that I had my “trash shoes” on me. I only wear these sneakers at home, haha. I also got to work still wearing my knitted socks!

I had a lovely weekend though. On Friday I was out with Chloe and her workmates in Kings cross. Came home late and missed my tube stop as I fell asleep. Whoops! Haha

I needed to walk from Turpark lane back home. Which is like a 15 min walk… it's not super far, but its never nice to walk alone at 3 am.

On Saturday Josh and Chloe came to my place as we first decided to have a night in, but changed our mind and went to a cool burger place close to mine. They have board games too. Defiantly coming back!