2 weeks ago!

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 13.22.50.png

Now it has been more than 2 weeks since I wrote anything here.

I am horrible, haha! I hope when everything is settled I will be able to take more photos and write more posts. I hope that I will be able to make updates at-least every second day.

I have just moved into a new place. Might not be what I first thought it would be. But hey, I am moving in with my boys later on anyway.

I feel a little bit unsocial at the moment. It’s kinda hard to get to know new people. I just feel like I was let down by “a friend” kinda bad and now I feel like I need to be more careful when I meet people. I have always been very open and talked about things, but now I know that people will use that against you. It's kinda crazy how I was able to keep the “naive” me for that long. 😅

Tomorrow its Friday and my boxes finally arrive from Spain! I have my cover in there so I can not wait for it to arrive! Its cold during the night now 😰 Just sleeping under my bed throw. lol!

And my clothes! My beloved clothes are coming too! I have been using the same suitcase for 3 weeks now. Its gonna be good 😎 Gonna be a warm and cosy Friyay!

Then me and my team are flying to Malta on Sunday and getting back on Tuesday. And then it’s my birthday on Thursday. YEY! Not because I am gonna do anything 😅

Anyway! More updates are on the schedule! Promise! 😘