Back to the crime scene


Bitch I'm back! haha

Yaas, I am sorry for such a long gap in my blogging. 

It's just a lot that has happened! Some are more personal than other but they are all messing with my head a little.

But I have some great and crazy news! I am moving back to London on the 19th of October. The reason for my move is that I have gotten a new job :D 

I will work as a web content executive at my company’s London office. I am so happy and excited about my new adventure. To move back to London is easy in one way because I consider this home, but I need to get myself a room, leave the people I have got to know and I am nervous about my new role of course. Just because I wanna do the best job ever. 

But you are not getting anywhere without giving your all and do things that are making you (obekväm). 

I have just arrived in London for a week of training. I will do the handover of things with the girl whom I am taking over from. 

And then I will get back to Gibraltar and meet up with all my people to say goodbye. I need to organise all this week. 

My god, this is gonna be some stressful weeks. haha!