More pics from Cadiz

Some more pics from Cadiz! The best place ever, I wanna go back very soon!

At work at the moment. Back to the routines, the diet, workouts, meal prep and more. I am so excited about this year. I have decided it will be my year! I did not really enjoy 2017 much, but I have only myself to blame! This time it will be different! Different mind set gives another life, right? 

I have started this new morning routine. Instead of setting my alarm on my phone, I have bought a alarm clock, an old school alarm clock! I have placed it so that I need to get up to turn it off. This way I need to stand up, and the first thing I see in the morning is NOT my phone. I then get ready without checking my phone until it is time to leave for work. This way I have time to think about my goals for the day. I wake up with a clear and undistributed mind. It is also easier to remember thing that I usually forget. 

I'm also doing a morning challenge. Sit ups, push ups, squats and plank in the morning. Found a schedule on pintrest, hehe. 

I also doing my knee rehab if I have time in the morning, otherwise I'll do it when I come home. The rehab have really been working too! My knee is SO much better! I can do squats! have not been able to do them for the last 4 years! It is crazy! 

I will also start running in the morning when my lungs are better (I have bad asthma). I love running in the morning. 

Let's do this! :P If you wanna join me for the challenge you can find it by clicking here!