Hello everybody! Today I had my day off and I woke up way too late again. But I still managed to do a few things. I also finally went for a run again. I have wanted to get back to running for a while now but I have always found myself sick and not getting enough sleep: Now, before you say that I am just finding excuses, I ALWAYS get a cold when I exercise when I run on low sleep. However, I have no excuse for not sleeping enough, haha! 

I have never really been for a run here in La Linea, but I figured that the best place to run would be the beach promenade. But just as a got my heartbeat up I got stopped. I know that it has been very windy in La linea lately, but I never understood how windy it really was. 

I have seen videos from both La Linea and Gibraltar. And wow, a whole building construction fell apart in Gibraltar and the road was closed off due to the sea reaching the roads. And it was a tornado in the water at Europa point in Gibraltar. This all when I have been comfortably lying in my bed. haha!

This reminded me off that we actually live in a tsunami zone. around 261 years ago an earthquake in Lisbon which caused a tsunami that killed 1200 people. And apparently, the Spanish and Portuguese governments have done nothing to put in warnings if any earthquakes would take place.  And this gives me even more motivation to run regularly so I can run without getting a massive asthma attack if a tsunami would be garanteed. Because if I am at work when the tsunami is on its way, we need to RUN. Thank god we have the rock at least. 

Anyway, less sad stuff and more happiness: We burned the taco shells. Okay, that was even sadder. FML, haha! 


Anyway, we managed to get some tacos in the end. I ran downstairs and bought som nacho chips. 

I hope you have better weather than us.