Castellar de la Frontera

wow, it has now been 3 days since I updated in here. I said that this year I will update every single day. However, on boring days, when nothing happened, it feels wrong to just squeeze something out. A little bit of quality would be good, hehe. 

Yesterday, I was off, so my beloved man came to pick me up. We had decided to go somewhere but we did not really know where. We had a few options but we decided to go for the closest option, and we did well by picking that option. We decided to go to the little town Castellar de la Frontera, which is located far up on a mountain in Parque Natural de Los Alcornocales. You can read more about the place here

What an amazing place! WOW!

First off, it was like a ghost town. The only people we saw was the staff of the castle hotel which was a total of 4 people and then we only saw perhaps 9 tourists, and the two dudes working in the little store. Then, it was the exceptionally well preserved Moorish-Christian fortress and the beautiful view with massive eagles flying above us.

We decided to rent a little house (most possible haunted) and stay there over the night. We had a cosy night with snacks, beers and the TV. Super regular couple stuff that we never manage to do otherwise. It was incredibly romantic in the most simple way. God, I miss this. Luis fell asleep on the sofa. I sat with my computer in lap, designing stuff for my Etsy shop at the same time as I was enjoying the fact that my boyfriend was sleeping next to me. Later, I woke Luis up and we moved over to the bed. I stayed awake a bit longer and watched the TV from the bed. I had the TV on until around 5 am. The reason? I did not want to encounter any ghosts, LOL.