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If you know me, you probably know that I LOVE Zara. Almost every single item in my wardrobe is from Zara. When I worked for Google I used to have a "Zara Friday". That meant that no matter in what country or city I was in, I would find myself a Zara to have a shopping spree. I changed all my Primark items to Zara. I know exactly what fits me in there and I can spot what is from Zara and what is not. I am a little bit obsessed. (By the way, I hate when people abuse the word 'obsessed' but I think that it works in this particular instant, haha)

I have not been able to go to any Zara store since I came to Spain (which is strange as this is the motherland of Zara, haha). So today I decided to have a look through their website and O.M.G. I need to go to rehab, I think I am addicted. I put together some of my favorites. I can describe it with one word: FLOWERS