This Saturday

This Saturday, me, Luis, and Miguel went to see Rocio in Cadiz. We had some great tapas at a restaurant called El Destino. Like the food was amazing and so cheap. We all had 2 drinks each and we shared around 10-12 big dishes and the bill only came to 14€ each! One of the reasons to love Spain. The restaurant is located  Plaza de San Juan de Dios if you ever going to Cadiz. After dinner, we went to a bar called Nahu. We didn't stay for too long in Cadiz, however, we arrived in Cadiz 00:00, so it made sense that we didn't stay for too long, hehe. 

Today we are back to our strict diet again, pfff... It is so hard to get back to it again after having a cheat day! But we made it so far. I'm mostly making it because I do not have anything sweet at home. I have also lost 2 kilos last week so I guess that gives some motivation too. This week we are gonna go hard at the gym as diet is not everything. Last week I went for a class at the gym and it was actually very enjoyable, even though I did not understand a word of what the instructor said, haha. I even tried to place myself in a position so he would not notice that I did not get what he was saying, BUT, I managed to position myself to be just in his eye line. I was in the far back, but we had eye contact almost the whole class, haha! He also looked at me to tell me that I need to keep my knees more straight, but if he only knew that I can't. That's the way my knees are positioned, hahaha!