Finally in SPAIN! Our journey started at 08:30 this morning. We took a taxi to the airport as we had four big suit cases and two small and public transport was not really an option, haha. 

The flight was not delayed ( which was a surprise, as it seems to be a lot of issues at Gatwick right now). And the flight was beautiful. We watched our favourite movie 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. It is just SO good! However, the last 20 min before landing was not great. It was very windy before our landing, but as we were landing, the wind stopped and we landed safely.

Luis friend came to pick us up in Sevilla and drove us to Jerez de la Frontera which is where Luis family is from and where we will live. First, we went to see Luis Dad and then to Luis Grandparent where we will live. We had an amazing dinner with Luis family on his mothers side. Tortilla, croquettes, Jamon, cheese and all things good from Spain. Now we are so tired and it is time for us to sleep. Tomorrow I am going to the beach with Luis friends. Hopefully, I won't burn. I have never burned before, but then, I have never been this white neither, so I will definitely use SPF 50. 

Good night!