I am pretty confident to say that this has been one of my best weekends, in a very, very long time. In a paradise with the most beautiful people. Even if not everybody is one 100% confident in their English, everybody tries very hard to talk English with me, which I appreciate a lot. The weekend started with me, Luis and Jose Luis driving to Càdiz to pick up Rocio. We then drove to the beach 'Playa de los Alemanes' where we met our friend Vanessa who Luis was studying English with and her friend Patricia. After a little while, Miguel and his friend Mirem and Josemi joined us.

We spent the whole day there until sunset. The whole day we were tanning, playing, swimming, laughing. I also made a Vlog about the day that I am currently editing. Before the sunset, we walked towards the cliffs where we have 'our' sunset spot. 

After the sun had disappeared behind the horizon we took the cars and drove to Tarifa, where we were planning to party and then sleep in our cars. However, as we were talking about us sleeping in our cars, Vanessa and Patri let us know that they were renting a airbnb in the centre of Tarifa and as the apartment had 3 spare beds we could sleep in their place. Perfect.

We went to their place, left our stuff. Me, Luis, Miguel and Jose Luis left to get drinks and food. We got some pizzas. (Thank god for that because this weeks dieting has been really hard for me, haha. God bless cheat days). After the food, we had a shower and then we got ready to go out. However, when we were ready to go out it was already 01:30 or 02:00 am. But we still had a good night. It was kind of good that we went out to party that late as this meant that we did not drink enough to be hangover the day after. 

The day after was just WOW! We started the day with some breakfast next to the beach in a place called 'Solsticio'. I had a chocolate and strawberry pancake and Luis went for the classical toast with tomatoes and olive oil. We then got in the cars and drove towards another beach which I do not remember the name of right now. But to get there you need to drive through a place that looks like a desert. What a cool place, like being in Sahara, expect that you can see water in the background. We stopped there to take some pictures, but not for too long as it was very windy and wind and sand are not a great combination.

After the brief  'Photoshoot' we headed to the beach and it was absolutely beautiful. I think this has been my favourite beach so far. First, we were sitting at the main beach, which was very windy and as the sand was so fine it was absolutely everywhere. in our eyes, hair, all over our stuff and it was hard to enjoy. So we moved to an other part of the beach, a little further along and we found a little paradise behind some rocks. 

Around 16:00 we left the beach to go and eat at the restaurant 'El Mirlo' located just above the beach with a view of the Atlantic ocean. I mean... the view was absolutely unbelievable. I really felt like a bird in the sky. Eating a super tasty (but way too expensive) fish. 

The weekend could not have been better and I hope for many more days like this. Now I am gonna continue to work on the vlog so I can update it later today. I will upload it here too. Talk to you soon!