Farwell Chloë 

A part of you has grown in me, together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart.

Today I spent the day down in Brighton to have a last day with my favourite Brit before I go to Spain and she goes to Australia. It was so rainy it was hard to actually conversate. I went down to Brighton without an umbrella. I can't believe that I have actually been living in the UK for almost 6 years and I still do not bring an umbrella when I go somewhere, haha. So I needed to get myself an umbrella which was stolen in a Cafe and I needed to get another one... Which is very annoying as I am moving to Spain in a day and I won't need one anymore :| Anyway, even if it was rainy I still spent the day with an amazing person and the day was great anyway, even if we were not able to see the sea or anything. It literally EVER stopped raining! So we spent the day mostly inside with food and shopping. I managed to spend a whole day inside a shopping mall but I did not buy anything (expect two umbrellas)! I am very proud of myself. However, Chloe got herself a bathing suit for £60! But to be fair, it's was an amazing one piece swim suit, and if you are going to Bali, you need to look FAB. Rock it, girl! I will miss you a lot, but we keep in contact like always. <3