Yesterday we finally went to Tarifa. Luis has been talking about Tarifa for as long as I can remember. The Kite surf 'capital' of the world. It is the southernmost point of Continental Europe, situated south of the two African capital cities of Tunis and Algiers. The reason why it is so popular for wind surf is due to the wind. The crazy, crazy wind. I am so exhausted today. I used so much of my energy and muscles (my weak muscles, haha) to stand up straight! I had a nap today and I didn't think I would be able to stand up afterwards. I was unable to use my arm and my legs. 

We arrived around 19:00, still warm outside but the wind killed most of the heat. You can probably see on my hair how windy it was. I had a lot of issues trying to keep my dress down at the first place we visited, thank god I had other clothes for the night. Which in retrospect, was not better to keep my private parts in place and not for show, as my whole left tit popped out from my jumpsuit as I was exiting a bar... Which I didn't care much about if I am gonna be honest. Everybody is tanning topless on the beaches here, so what does it matter if somebody sees my titties on the beach or 5 min walk from the beach? It is quite funny actually. Why is that? Same thing with underwear and bikini. Same thing, but one is acceptable and one is not. Strange.

Anyway, we then parked our car in central and changed our clothes to party outfits in the car and had a beer as we were changing. Then I and Luis went to see Jose Luis at his hostel and had another beer there. Then we headed for the central. The village of Tarifa is very tiny and cute. Tons of small shops with beach jewellery and clothes. They have also a lot of bars and clubs. We were getting a drink in one place and was walking to the next one as we were drinking it. The night ended at a club looking like a huge garage. Maybe not my favourite place, but every single place before was so pretty or cool. Everything was very surf inspired which was a completely new environment for me. I felt more like I was in Australia than in Spain. Except that everybody here speaks Spanish, haha. No, now I am lying, it is a lot of tourists here so you can hear a lot of English. 

The first club we went to was a place called 'La Ruina' Super cool place, but the music was not maybe of our taste. I like to listen to mainstream music when I go to a club, so you can sing along and dance. After the night was over we went to our hotel for the night: our car. I thought we were the only once, but apparently, it seemed that it was quite a few people with the same plan. I was not able to sleep anything, whilst Luis slept like a baby. Luis likes to sleep on his back whilst I like to sleep on the side, which is very hard on a car seat. Plus, the car was so hot and the wind was so strong that it was moving the car back and forth the whole night long. Maybe it should have given some sort of comforting feeling, like you are a baby being rocked, but no, not really.

Now it is time to sleep. We also went to a nutritionist in the morning on Saturday and we were supposed to start with our diet tomorrow, but we were just now going to go through the diet and start preparing for tomorrow, but... Luis has lost our diet. We got the plan from the nutritionist but now he can't find it. We have looked everywhere. That is my and Luis life in a nutshell. Notting ever goes well. Even if it annoying when it always goes wrong, but at least we have a lot of stories to tell. haha. Good night people <3