The move

Right now I wish I was into coffee. It is very stressful right now and I would need all the energy in the world. I really wanna pretend that I am not stressed about the move, but the acne on my face, on my back, the blisters in my mouth and the pain in my kidneys are saying something different. I am working all day, then home and pack. Feels like we have been packing for ages now but nothing is happening. It still look the same. Luis has now packed most of his things. I still have a lot to pack. We have decided to take 2 suite cases each and then send over one box with a shipping company each. I hope that is gonna be enough, haha. Another thing is that I have bearly any summer clothes. When you live in London, you have no real reason to buy summer clothes.

 I am gonna try to go asleep now. I am really trying to get enough sleep at least. That is the only thing I can give my poor body right now, haha.